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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.055  Color management software

Color management software

  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.02  Measuring and testing engineering
  • 06.02.095  Spectrophotometers

Our products

Product category: Color management software


Filmgate is the worldwide leading RIP Software for chemical-free film production using inkjet printers for flexo-, offset- and screen printing in high-end quality.

  • Solution for comprehensive prepress using digital printing systems
  • Consistently reproducible results and maximum reliability in the production process due to unique ColorGATE MIM (Media Ink Metamode) technology
  • Reliable end-to-end processing of composite PDFs (PDF/X4, 5) as well as separated PDF files
  • Predefined screening sets and linearizations for all popular inkjet printer series and screen rulings (up to 180 lpi)
  • Innovative, integrated screening technology for almost any application areas
  • Custom Screen: Free definition of screen angles, dot forms and line resolutions
  • Super Rosette 2: Sharp-edged, homogenous printed images resulting from screen angles of the highest precision
  • Frequency Screen: Frequency modulated screen with controllable dot size
  • Hybrid Screen 2: Combines the advantages of the two screen technologies, Super Rosette 2 and Frequency Screen
  • Full support of an unlimited number of spot colors
  • Highly efficient ICC color management for color-accurate In-RIP separation
  • Also available as complete package for film production:
  • Inkjet printer, ColorGATE RIP software Filmgate, linearizations and corrections of tonal values
  • Adequate film material: CG Reprofilm HD and CG Screenfilm Waterbased are the ideal daylight media for high-end screen printing production

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Product category: Color management software


The Productionserver family is the most flexible RIP software that ensures excellent color management with optimum color rendering and consistent reproduction for all applications. Whether large and wide format printing, digital production according to such international standards as ISO, FOGRA, PSD, Gracol, G7 as well as for campaign printing, textile or for screen printing and print and cut - the PS9 Line-up offers the optimal RIP configuration for all types of digital print services. ColorGATE utilizes the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) by default.

High-quality components
Optimal color reproduction
Consistency of reproduction at any time
Maximum productivity
Intuitive control concept and user interface

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Product category: Spectrophotometers

Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)

The Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC) is an all-in-one Color Management solution for the creation of ICC profiles especially in industrial digital printing applications. It contains an ultrafast color measurement system and software for ICC profiling. RSC can take substrates right up to a size of 600x600 mm with a maximum substrate thickness of 80 mm while processing as far as 10,000 patches per target. Even color measurements of complex substrate surfaces such as ceramics, glass, textiles or metal are possible due to special optimizations. Additionally, the RSC takes measurements of very small objects, for instance from business card sized labels, from which the RSC can read up to 1000 color patches in just a few seconds, which will be processed into high-quality ICC profiles.

RSC already includes an option to measure backlit-materials (transmissive measurement), in order to process and profile objects like City Light posters and backlight displays. In batch mode the RSC allows the creation of up to 20 profiles per hour.

There are no limitations for applying the RSC. Fast and secure high-quality ICC profiling (CMYK, RGB, aNyColor) from very small objects is possible as well as processing those profiles with any ICC-compatible image editing or RIP software, e.g. Productionserver. The minimum patch size is only 1 mm.

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Product category: Spectrophotometers

PrintProcessLab (PPL)

ColorGATE offers as exclusive solutions partner of n-art-m the new PrintProcessLab (PPL). PPL is a testing and simulation system to simplify and fasten the process development in digital industrial inkjet printing. It allows to perform detailed print head and ink compatibility tests. With PPL functions of digital printing systems can be proved and examined such as continuous operation, different jetting distances regarding the substrate and the overall printing speed.

Fields of application:

  • Reference prints
  • Ink tests
  • Substrate tests
  • Continuous operation tests
  • Nozzle tests
  • Development of cleaning procedures
  • Adhesive properties of a substrate

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About us

Company details

Since 1997 ColorGATE has been successful developing software solutions, RIP Software and printer driver technology for the Commercial Printing (Digital, Conventional Printing, Prepress) and Industrial Printing.

Our core product Productionserver a modular RIP and color management software is used by thousands of digital imaging end users all around the world every day. We are actively engaged in the emerging Industrial Printing market since its beginnings 10 years ago. With SmartControl we are offering a complete practice-approved Industrial Printing Operating System (IP OS).

As experts for excellent color management and comprehensive control of printing systems, we are committing our knowledge day-to-day to our end users and partners to deliver individual and flexible solutions for various requirements and application areas.

The ColorGATE Solutions Portfolio is also covering the following applications: Campaign Printing, Color Server, Computer to Plate (CtP) / Inkjet to Plate production, digital proofing, impositioning, ink saving, print and cut workflows, profiling, computer to screen production, and web to print (W2P).

ColorGATE is committed to internationally binding standards for the graphic arts industry such as ISO, Fogra, GRACoL and the new ProcessStandard Digital (PSD).

For the advancement of our solutions we are working closely together with our end users as well as with our strategic partner to achieve the following goals: to simplify PDF data handling, color management, profiling and process standardization and to make it more productive at the same time. Especially for integrators in the Industrial Printing market, we are aspiring to reduce the time to market significantly.

Our worldwide network of trained Sales Partners is ensuring an optimal support for our end users.

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