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Lukas Pescoller

Executive board/managing director
Research, development, design

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Our products

Product category: Quality inspection systems

CREASY – The Crease and Fold Analyzer

Folding cartons are made of paperboard, a thick, paper-based material consisting of several internal layers and decorative surface layers. The multi-layer construction contributes bending stiffness to the board. In order to make a high quality fold with good appearance and structural integrity, the bending stiffness has to be reduced. This is done with the creasing process by means of a male rule and female creasing matrix. The rule is pressed into the matrix to create a permanent crease, weakening the board in a well-defined pattern of folding lines which act as hinges during the subsequent box forming process.

Uncontrolled variations in the creasing process can create defects that affect the appearance and function of the finished carton. Proper setup is critical to assure a consistent product. PERET has developed CREASY, a new hardware and software system to measure and document the dimensions, angles, and symmetry of the crease and the bead. This aids in proper setup and offers process control to the production run.

CREASY is a handheld camera-based measuring system connected to a PC running the analysis and reporting software. A wide range of measurement functions aids the operator in achieving proper setup at the first break or the finished box. CREASY assures the highest quality in your converting process.

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Product category: Quality inspection systems

BREYE Braille Dot Checker

PERET GmbH has successfully launched the new version of the Braille Dot Checker at DRUPA 2012 which is an affordable, pocket sized and easy to use high quality device.This handheld USB powered reader captures a 3D image of the Braille dot and sends the image to the Windows™ PC.

The BREYE software then analyzes characteristics of the Braille dot, the image providing a visual interpretation whilst the software measures height, base diameter and distances between dots, at the same time collecting data and calculating statistics, which you can then save and print quality reports on the Braille.

The BREYE Braille Dot Checker can be used to control the Braille in three areas: (1) On the press, (2) after gluing, (3) in the QA department.

The BREYE device is very stable and mobile, providing the user with the option to also take it to meetings with their clients, to maybe discuss for instance the type of card to be used and or the Braille height, all of course making costing and therefore your profit margin correct. Clients can then see the effect of each type of card on the monitor as reference images can be stored, and later reloaded in case of complains or adjustments.

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Product category: Quality inspection systems


FLEX³PRO is an affordable, easy to use Flexo Plate reader that can help you to immediately see, manage and interpret any changes to the parameters and thus achieve a superior quality output.

The state of the art illumination, pickup optics and camera technology of the FLEX³PRO flexo plate reader delivers extremely sharp images. The shoulder portion of the dot is clearly separated from the surface of the dot. Dot printing surfaces with sharp corners that are not artificially rounded due to overexposing can be measured accurately.

The FLEX³PRO software FLEYE³ offers a function to directly compare images, enabling you to see directly the impact of any changes of process parameters. Images captured with any FLEX³PRO device can be loaded and then resized with a resolution of 12700DPI, rotated, corrected in brightness and finally overlaid.

The minimum dot of the flexo plate making process defines the range of values and the perceived resolution of the printed product. But what is the minimum dot? What should the minimum dot look like? How can it be defined and how can it be consistently maintained from one plate to the next, from one day to the next? Looking at the dot shape lets us understand immediately that the dots are not the same, even though the view from top would lead us to think that was the case. The dots differ in shape whilst having an almost identical printing surface. The FLEX³PRO is used to capture the top view and the 3D image by a simple click of the mouse, without the need to re-position the plate.

The mechanical dot size, the contour (shape of the flexo dot) and the ink coverage across the dot itself will often lead to changes in the printed colour.
The FLEX³PRO is a precision device designed to measure and monitor the changes in colour due to mechanical problems of plate, press or ink.

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We are developing, manufacturing and selling innovative measurement technology to our customers in the graphic art industry.

Our new PRESTO deltaE Spectrodensitometer is the optimal, affordable tool to monitor your press in an efficient way. It is easy to use, robust, and measures density, dot gain, dot area, balance and delta E in less than a second.

The FLEX³PRO is the heigh end measurement equipment to measure flexo plates, flexo sleeves and prints. Its high accuracy and repeatability and the 3D meausrement functions makes it an indispensable tool for the flexo printing process



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