IPBM The International Paper Box Machine S.A.

Quai Gustave-Ador 62, 1207 Geneva
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Oksana Babich

Executive board/managing director
Business, corporate or plant management

Quai Gustave-Ador 62
1207 Geneva, Switzerland

+41 22 7581419

+41 22 7581337


Our products

Product category: Box making machines

The International/Switzerland Automatic Wrap Around Packer

Machine is designed to pack liquid packaging side seam cartons, all sizes of 57mm cross section ECO cartons, and all Liter/quart and fractional 70 mm cross section carton sizes.

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Product category: Box making machines

The International Switzerland LF-IV 700/CH Flame Sealer

The new International Switzerland LF-IV 700/CH is designed for the converters where floor space is a prime commodity. With a total length from feed to delivery apron of approximately 16,5 meters this Sealer will fit nicely into the space currently occupied by your old International LF-B Sealer.

The belt speed provided by the LF-IV of 700 meters per minute offers a production volume over 100’000 one liter Pure pack or Gabletop style cartons per hour. The International Switzerland LF-IV 700/CH flame sealer is equipped with an additional pre-fold section allowing pre-breaking of all the scores. Comfortable flexibility combined with a generous size range from mini-cross to one-gallon containers easily substitutes the size range of the previous International LF-B machine. Many other features were added such as low dust, high production hygiene, special bleed proof bearings, water-cooled burners, friction-free operation, high precision skive-hem-pre-seal as well as inline quality assurance providing the security of automatic inline packing dictated by the high production of the Sealer, especially when interfaced with automated packing not allowing visual inspection anymore.

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Product category: Box making machines

The International Switzerland LF-III 800/1000CH Flame Sealer

The International Paper Box Machine Company Switzerland is the only independent company in the world dedicated to engineering and building Flame Sealing equipment for the liquid container industry. Since 1950 International Paper Box is engaged in research and development of flame sealing equipment as well as specialized feeding and packing equipment to be interfaced with high speed Flame Sealers.

Today over eighty percent of liquid containers are converted on International Flame Sealers. Over five hundred lines were delivered within the last sixty years. The new LF-III 800/1000 CH is the most advanced Sealer available on the world market today. Focusing on features, such as maintenance free operation by eliminating all sensitive drive units and using servo motors for each main section. Highest production yield and lowest scrap rate was another important point on the list. Most productive skiving operation and first in-line computer controlled quality control units were added thanks to an exclusive partnership agreement between Fortuna/Germany and Leary/USA. Minimizing dust contamination was another challenge solved today thanks to the exclusive design of International LF-III Flame Sealer.

The International Paper Box Machine Company is proud to present to the packaging industry the best price-performance ratio machine for best results and lowest production costs.

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Product category: Box making machines

The International Turnover-feeder with Prestacker

The turnover feeder is designed to automatically feed stacks of cartons from a pre-feeding conveyor into the flame sealer at a high speed. The carton stacks are deposited on the pre-stack conveyor (printed side up) and automatically moved to the in-feed section of the feeder. The feeding unit picks up carton blanks from the top of the stack and turns the carton flow by 180 degrees in order to be fanned out and separated from each other. The flow of cartons is conveyed to the feed section of the flame sealer. Thanks to a height-limiting sensor, carton stack height in the feed section is maintained always at the same height, consequently, applying equal pressure on feed belts. Once the carton stack is used up, the next carton stack will automatically be presented to the in-feed section. Up to 5 stacks of cartons can be pre-stacked on the in feed conveyor. Cartons stacks can be placed either manually or automatically on the pre-stacking conveyors. Depending on configuration of flame sealers on factory floor, one operator can feed two lines, thanks to the pre-stacking conveyor system.

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About us

Company details

The International Paper Box Machine Company (IPBM) has been founded in 1903 in New Hampshire, USA, and has become a Swiss company in 2003.

The International Paper Box Machine SA is engaged in designing and building of the special equipment for the liquid packaging industry since 1950 and over 600 units have been supplied worldwide to all major players in this field. Today IPBM is producing the fastest flame sealing equipment in the world to be interfaced with the specilaized semi-automatic or fully-automatic feeding and packing machines in order to take advantage of the production capability of the new lines.


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  • postpress/ converting/ packaging
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