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  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.300  Viscosity control devices
  • 06  equipment/services/infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.310  Roller cleaning systems

Roller cleaning systems

Our products

Product category: Viscosity control devices

Magnetic Ink Filter

Keep your ink Clean with the Magnetic Ink Filter!

Our unique Magnetic Ink Filter increases printing efficiency while protecting anilox rolls and printing plates.

Fast cleaning on job changeovers, no tools required
Reduces wear and tear
Compact design for in-line Installation
INKSPEC’s Magnetic Ink Filter eliminates ferrous metallic filaments from Doctor Blades and other contaminating particles. Designed with rare earth magnets within a streamlined anodized aluminum shaft, it ensures turbulence free ink flow.

Compact and designed for in-line installation, the INKSPEC Magnetic Ink Filter can be easily placed on either side of the pumping circuit.

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Product category: Viscosity control devices

MIIS Viscometer

We are now proud to introduce the next generation viscometer- the mIIS.

Incorporating the great characteristics of the IIS -the industry’s most trusted and dependable viscometer- we created a miniature version, with a smaller footprint that is easier to install in many of those cramped, tight areas.

The mIIS viscometer with its real-time inline viscosity measurements also features a built-in high-speed temperature sensor, ready for ink cooling control applications now or those later as an improvement, or just for accurate HMI display purposes.

The mIIS viscometer is also available in two versions, one as an intrinsically safe version specifically for explosion-risk / hazardous areas, the other for water-based or “safe” applications: both come with quick and easy M12 screw-on connections.

The In-line installation provides real time, dynamic viscosity measurements and adapts easily to manual or automatic wash-up systems. This crucial in-line positioning enables the mIIS viscometer, to adapt to the varying press conditions intuitively, allowing the operator to relate his ink viscosity control to the actual printing results.

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Product category: Viscosity control devices

IIS Viscometer

Industry proven reliability recognised by major printing related associations for its innovative technology, the IIS has yet to have determined its life cycle. The original viscometers installed in 2004 and practically all afterwards, are still in service and have not required any maintenance or service since.

In-line installation provides a real time, dynamic viscosity control and an easy automatic wash-up. The process adapts to varying press conditions intuitively allowing the operator to adjust his process control to actual printing results.

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Product category: Viscosity control devices

Dynamic Heat Exchanger

The temperature control of the ink is a very important characteristic to consider if you want to produce a cost effective printing job. The ink temperature controller developed by INKSPEC works as follows.

A heat exchanger can be installed at two different places on the line depending on the type of press used. For a press with a pumped return line, it is recommended to install the heat exchanger on the return line, which means anywhere between the press and the ink pail.

When the temperature of the ink is above the desired value, the temperature controller sends a signal which will open a Water Valve (ON/OFF) to allow chilling liquid to circulate into the heat exchanger. It is at this point where the heat transfers from the ink to the chilling liquid. When the ink temperature cools down to the set point, the signal stops and the valve closes, consequently the chilling liquid stops circulating into the heat exchanger.

The very high efficiency of the INKSPEC heat exchanger tubing allows for a very fast response with a minimum amount of energy.

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Product category: Viscosity control devices

Universal Blending System

•"Stand Alone System" can be used with your current viscosity control system
•Can blend up to 4 solvents
•High precision
•Intrinsically safe flowmeter

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Product category: Roller cleaning systems



Air-stream cleaning that will blow you away!

The AEROMAID system from FLEXOMAID is uses state-of-the-art air-stream technology to provide extraordinarily efficient, non-abrasive and contact-free cleaning that is safe for all your rolls. You’ll get the peace of mind only consistently reliable results can give.


The AEROMAID system with low fluid consumption for anilox rolls and gravure cylinders features:

– revolutionary air-stream powerhead technology;
– premium anilox detergent;
– innovative waste disposal system;
– cutting-edge roll-cleaning software.

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About us

Company details

Peripheral Advanced Design (PAD) is a creative company that never stops innovating. We use technology to contribute to a better tomorrow. For decades, our innovations have improved daily life of thousands of people and businesses all over the world.

From market analysis to commercialisation of innovations, our philosophy is simply Excellence. Driven by continuous improvement throughout the entire organization — it is our people, systems, engineered solutions, marketing strategies and efficient manufacturing processes that enable us to develop products that meet consumer needs.

Innovation under 3 banners:

INKSPEC specializes in viscosity control and ink management.

FLEXOMAID specializes in anilox and gravure cylinder cleaning.

USIPAD specializes in machining and rapid prototyping.

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