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Our products

Product category: Colour measurement and control systems


Perretta Graphic’s offers four products for register control;

Remote Color Register Control

Automatic Closed Loop Color Register Control

Print to Cut Register Control

Register Motorization Packages

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Product category: Colour measurement and control systems


Perretta Graphics’ P3000 Digital Preset Center acts as a bridge between your prepress system and our P3000 Remote Ink Control System. The CIP3/CIP4 or tiff files produced from your prepress system are used automatically sets our ink fountains.


Material Savings - paper and ink

Reduces make-ready time

Reduces man power needed

Higher quality product sooner

These cost saving benefits typically translate into a return on investment in under two years
P3000 Digital Preset Literature rev.4.pdf
GUI Screens

View of Plate Image (front side of plate with percent coverage for black)
Vertical Press - Setting Web Path(s) Screen

Preset Curve Adjustment

The P3000 offers two methods of adjusting the preset curve for any fountain: Percent Multiplier and Self Learning.

Percent Multiplier - A percent multiplier is applied for a uniform offset to accommodate eleven different paper stock types.

Self Learning Feature - A self-learning feature is used to evaluate and refine preset accuracy; a comparison of the digital file values for preset are compared to the file containing the settings of a job from color-OK to save. The self-correcting feature makes automatic corrections to compensate for variations between the preset file and the color OK. The algorithm uses the previous six jobs for analysis.

Viewing Data

The P3000 allows viewing of ink key settings in both graphical and numerical formats. To view an image of a particular plate, you simply select the desired plate number from the Job Setup dialog box.

Newspaper Application

The P3000 Digital Preset Center Advanced is specifically designed for newspaper applications. It was designed to accommodate single and double width newspaper presses.


View each plate image and ink key profile per ink fountain.

Merge ink coverage data in the circumference direction of the cylinder for each plate for ink key zone automatically.

Preset ink fountain up to 95% of density through the Perretta’s P3000 Console.

Uses the P3000 Console’s preprogrammed press configuration to ensure preset data is sent to the proper location. The operator can view each plate image at the console as-well-as verify the data for all plates has been received.

User interface provides at the press access for on-the-fly work flow changes.


The Perretta Network is a secure network linking each P3000 Control Console and the P3000 Preset Center via Ethernet.

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Product category: Colour measurement and control systems


The P3000 series remote ink control system is the most advanced open fountain solution on the market today. It can be installed on a multitude of different presses and press configurations. Our in-house engineering staff will custom fit solutions for your press profile. The benefits of our remote ink system are improved quality, labor reduction, reduced make ready costs and reduced running costs. These cost saving benefits typically translate into a return on investment in under two years.
Components of the P3000 Remote Ink System

Segmented fountain blade assemblies with 1.5” keys. Lifetime warranty against leaks.

Control Console with 17” 3M® touch screen monitor (optional second screen for customer equipment)

Ink and/or Water Roller Speed Controls (optional)

Digital Preset Center (optional)

Closed Loop Color Integration (optional)

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About us

Company details


Perretta Graphics is the global leader in providing remote ink and register controls for the horizontal and vertical press market. Built upon over 90 years of experience in the lithographic printing industry.

Perretta Graphics invented the segmented ink fountain blade in the late 1970’s. Segmented ink keys have become the standard in the modern pressroom but no other company has been able to equal the performance and reliability of the Perretta ink key.

Perretta has many installations from the early 1990's that are still performing well today. We offer a lifetime warranty against leaks on our fountain blades and have an industry best warranty on the rest of our system.

Perretta Graphics manufacturing facility is located in Poughkeepsie, New York.

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