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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.025  Data checking software

Data checking software

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.030  Workflow systems
  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.040  Image optimization software

Image optimization software

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.055  Color management software

Color management software

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.070  PDF software

PDF software

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.085  RIP systems

RIP systems

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.04  Software for packaging prepress
  • 01.04.010  Software for production preparation

Software for production preparation

Our products

Product category: Data checking software


Asura® offers you fully automated quality control for print files at the pre-press stage with subsequent optimisation of the PDF files. Error identification and correction – automatically, as part of your workflow!

With Asura®, you not only profit in terms of time, but also financially: By means of the automatic data check upon order receipt, Asura® proactively indicates errors in the files and corrects them upon request. This increases your data quality, prevents customer complaints that are attributable to faulty data, and protects you against reprints at your expense.

The high degree of automation reduces administration time, minimizes manual work, and enables resources to be installed and used more efficiently.

Increase your print quality and simultaneously reduce operating and customer complaint costs with Asura®!

Asura® core competences:

  • Automatic checking of your customer files as they are received:
  • Is everything in order? Automatic normalisation
  • Something wrong? Files can be repaired or discarded and you will receive a detailed error report at the same time
  • Can break down even the most complex transparencies into PDF files
  • Can convert your documents to the required output format
  • User-friendly user interface – No special IT-knowledge needed for use

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Product category: Workflow systems


Minimum effort and maximum control in the Cloud: With the high-capacity connection to the Cloud, you will profit from the optimum performance for your production and always be on the cutting edge of technology!

Get maximum cost transparency with a monthly flat rate cost. There is no installation fee.

With the flexible design capability you can add or subtract resources to the Cloud as required on a monthly basis.

Overall you profit from lower investment:

A data centre is no longer necessary. The virtual servers are always up-to-date with the latest technology.

The Cloud makes it possible to link several locations to one software license and as a result to achieve synergistic effects and optimal efficiency.

Software solutions are controlled centrally through the Cloud. When new update releases are available, OneVision experts implement them at your request. This way you can save on personnel costs.

Last but not least, the Cloud increases productivity through your high performance connection: There are 9 geographical zones to choose from. We choose the one most closely located to you, and you benefit from higher performance speed!


  • Virtual licensing without any hardware installation
  • Higher performance speed and failure safety with nine geographical zones
  • Daily backups
  • Maximum security – Access via secure VPN (IP-Sec) or customized
  • Flexible design – Adding or subtracting resources from the Cloud as required
  • Automatic download of results via Hotfolder, Email, FTP, SFTP, S3 Bucket, UNC, local folders or WebDAV
  • OneVision® Support: Competent, quick problem-solving – Automatic updates – Individual contacts (depends on Cloud package)

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Product category: Workflow systems

Workspace Balance

Workspace Balance balances jobs intelligently among available resources, increasing your throughput!

With the client-server concept, based on the workspace balance, you offset shortfalls. Orders are distributed in order of priority to available capacities. In this way you save on resources, whilst at the same time increasing your output.

Workspace Balance allows you to reduce a significant portion of your costs: This means that you will need to execute updates, backups and changes only once centrally. Administration and IT costs are reduced. Cost-effective hardware is used for the implementation of the client-server concept.


  • Prevent production bottlenecks – Workspace Balance distributes individual work steps by priority between computers in the cluster and utilizes resources optimally
  • Reduce IT costs – Carry out updates, changes, and backups centrally once and ensure fail-out resilience
  • Simple configuration
  • OneVision® Support*: Competent, quick problem-solving – Extensive
  • availability – Individual contacts * Upon conclusion of a maintenance contract

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Product category: Workflow systems

Workspace Pro

The Workspace Pro functions offer you more custom layout options for your workflow, which allows you to automate even further.

Orders are filtered and managed based on metadata. E-mail attachments are downloaded and processed from defined mailboxes. Job tickets function as a "digital order folder" and start and manage orders. Within the production lines, orders can be prioritised and specifically managed based on the day of the week and time. Files can be renamed according to defined rules. …

And that is just a small selection of the modules you can use to save a huge amount of time and therefore money.

Workspace Pro enables you to automate and standardise your production processes. By reducing manual interventions, the error rate is reduced and quality improves as a result.


  • Job ticket: Orders are started by an XML file and the processing of the order takes place dynamically based on the specifications in that file
  • Flexible order prioritisation: Control of priority in production lines based on day of the week/time of day
  • Renaming files: Files can be renamed automatically based on user-definable rules
  • Retrieve emails: Automatic email download from defined email accounts and automated processing of the attachments
  • SFTP support: Secure communications with FTP servers
  • Page Pairing: Easy-to-operate page pairer
  • Filter properties: Distributor that controls the further processing of a file based on its metadata (color space, number of faces in a picture, file created by, preflight results, etc.)
  • Interactive order start: File upload from the local machine directly to the Workspace server with custom parameters
  • Collecting orders: Collection of files from multiple orders based on naming rules and further processing of the files as a batch order
  • Hotfolder: Provides an interface to external hot folder applications
  • WebDAV: Download files from web servers

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Product category: Image optimization software


With its intelligent image editing solution, Amendo® delivers perfect results – in the shortest time possible and to a consistently high standard.

Significant time and cost savings - With its intelligent automation, Amendo® replaces manual work and optimizes your pictures around the clock.
How do you currently mange the topic of picture optimization in your company? Is an entire team of picture editors available to you? Or do you have your pictures optimized by external workers such as lithography or repro studios?
Based on a graphic sample calculation from real life, we show you the different options and costs of picture editing: A publisher publishes eight magazines a week with a requirement of 2.000 pictures altogether.

  • Intelligent image optimisation – in 4 seconds
  • Import images -> Automatically identify image quality -> Automatically enhance each image individually -> Export images
  • Memory colours – Instantly identify and enhance skin tones, sky tones and vegetation tones
  • Perfect Skin Technology – Automatically optimise skin tones. Harmonise different skin tones while preserving individual elements. As a result you establish well balanced skin tones for multiple images
  • Automatic reconciliation of Exif, IPTC and XMP metadata
  • Rule-based manipulation of any metadata tags – Even in your custom name spaces for optimal workflow support
  • Photoshop® and Indesign® extensions – For flexible post-processing
  • OneVision® Helpdesk – Our solution-oriented and skilled experts are here to help (subject to making a support agreement)

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Product category: PDF software


With the file editor Solvero® you can completely edit your PDF files at any time. This allows you to save time while offering more service to your customers!

Retain your customers! Increase the quality of your print data and save yourself and your customers time! The Solvero® file editor increases your level of service with your customers: The varied functions allow you to make last-minute corrections to print data. This allows you to reduce the costs of customer complaints and reprints. The user-friendly user interface does not require any additional IT knowledge so that you can use your existing resources optimally.


  • „All-in-One“ editor repairs the most common production issues – E.g. missing
    fonts, wrong colour spaces, or low resolutions
  • Consistently high output quality – Directly working in PDF eliminates conversion
    loss caused by different file formats
  • Saving time – Manual intervention at the last second: Comprehensive tool palette
    for quick correction of production data
  • PDF export according to your individual requirements for additional editing
  • Controlling the workflow – Able to integrate into any Asura® workflow
  • Security and flexibility for your production – Deadlines can be met more easily
  • OneVision® Support: Competent, quick problem-solving – Extensive availability - Individual contacts (when a service agreement is purchased)

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Product category: RIP systems


PlugRASTER-HDin gives you much more colour stability with perfectly homogeneous fills, and the smoothest of blends with brilliant shades of colour. Screened images achieve photo appearance. 

Deliver brilliant images that will convince both your readers and your ad clients. Grow your ad sales and turnover by offering better image quality. By printing images in High Definition quality you will achieve more customer satisfaction and more customer loyalty. Moreover you can eliminate essential types of cost: PlugRASTER-HDin easily integrates in your Asura® work flows. This means that you will need to execute updates, backups and changes only once centrally. No additional license will be required for a reserve plate line. No investment into infrastructure required.

  • Photo-quality printing – With Homogeneous HD Technology the combination of the best of AM and FM finally succeeded
  • Perfectly depicts the finest details – No rosettes: e. g. with hair, fur, vegetation and even with tricky mid-tones (such as skin tones)
  • Less costs thanks to more efficient utilization of the product license: Updates, backups and changes only need to be implemented once
  • Unlike as for stand-alone RIPs: No additional PlugRASTER-HDin license for failover required
  • One stop shop – Reliability with OneVision® technology: Conformity of the data in the workflow and on the printing plate
  • Fully integrated into Asura® workflows
  • New sources of revenue – More advertisements through enhanced image quality

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Product category: Software for production preparation


2 in 1 solution for label production – DigiLabel™ simplifies label production for digital label printing: DigiLabel™ optimises not just prepress but the whole process from order receipt through artwork preparation for printing, production planning, automated job transmission, to printing and stamping presses. 

Better overview and more time savings: The entire staff uses one system

  • Increased throughput by combining multi-customer orders in a single collect run
  • Steady production and less downtime
  • Reduced material cost by eliminating proofs, reducing paper waste and
    printing collect run production

Reduced staff cost by saving manual labour hours and bundling resources2-in-1 solution: End-to-end system for production planning and easy processing of complex label workflows: DigiLabel™ combines proven OneVision® technologies for prepress and the automation of label workflows: fully automated artwork quality control and final optimisation

DigiLabel™ allows you to combine several multi-customer orders in one single collect run: DigiLabel™ checks all open orders and assembles several orders for a collect run
=> Eliminate error sources in your production line to increase profits from time and material savings as well as increasing of your throughput!

Administration of a single integrated system to manage your production

Comprehensive digital information flow thanks to digital order pouch and paperless quality testing
Simple, intuitive GUI
Reduction of production error sources

"One-stop shop solution": All software components are developed, supported and serviced* by OneVision®. No third-party vendors or time-consuming integration needed.

Direct support* for the entire production process – Proven technology from the world prepress solution market leader: globally known and accepted PDF and Postscript prepress technologies from OneVision®
* Subject to making a support agreement


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About us

Company details

OneVision Software AG is an international provider of innovative and cost-efficient solutions in the software industry.

For over 20 years, the company has developed cost-efficient software for the printing, publishing and media industry and has used its products to establish itself as the world market leader for prepress. Newspaper publishers worldwide work with products from OneVision® and profit from the automation, the reliability and the resulting cost savings.

In addition to steady optimization of the existing solutions, OneVision Software AG continuously invests in developing new products and target customer segments. The company's product portfolio ranges from software for prepress to tools for intelligent color management and image optimization to products for digital publishing.

Well-known global players in their field rely on the expertise of OneVision® and value the benefits they get from working with the software company: time savings, cost reduction and quality improvement.

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Sales volume

10-49 Mio US $

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max. 50%

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Area of business
  • prepress / print
  • premedia/ mulitchannel