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Our products

Product category: 3D-Print

Selective Heat Sintering (SHS / SLS)

SHS is a printing technology that works using a thermal print head to apply heat to layers of powdered thermoplastic. The powder is fused by the print head according to the contours of the model.

Once a complete layer of the model has been fused, a new layer of powder is applied and the process is repeated until the entire model has been constructed.

This technology does not need support structures as the powder that is present functions as such. Any powder that is not fused (and thus functions as support material) can be reused.

The technology is comparable to SLS but uses a thermal print head instead of a (more expensive) laser.


SHS technology
Works using thermal print head to apply heat to powdered thermoplastic
No supportstructure
Minimal layerthickness : 0,10 mm


Good mechanical properties
Various models printed simultaneously
No support structures requiered

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Product category: 3D-Print

Melted Extrusion Manufacturing (MEM)

MEM is a technology in which thermoplastic synthetics (such as ABS or PLA) are heated in a print head to liquefy the material, after which an adjustable nozzle applies a thin thread of material.
As soon as a layer is ready, the print bed drops one layer thickness and the next layer is printed. This process is repeated until the entire model is constructed. The popular term for this technology is FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling). It is one of the most used technologies.

The Inspire and DeeRed 3D printers have 2 nozzles, enabling support materials to be applied at the same time as the build materials. The supports must be removed after printing. AMR Europe has support materials that can be removed with water and without the application of chemicals.


MEM / FDM Technology
Works using synthetic thread, nozzle
Supportstructure : Yes
Minimal layerthickness : 0,15 mm


Strong and sustainable
Simple operation
Tried and tested technology

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Product category: 3D-Print

Digital Light Processing (DLP)

DLP is a technology that involves using a projector to harden photo-sensitive resin. An extremely thin layer of resin is applied to a film after which the projector hardens an entire layer of the model in one go. Another layer of resin is then applied to the film and the process is repeated. In contrast to many other technologies DLP involves constructing the model from the bottom up. DLP uses extremely thin supports for the overhanging parts of the model. These supports can be removed easily after printing.


DLP Technology
Works using photo-sensitive resin and a projector
Support structure : Yes
Minimal layer thickness : 0.0125 mm (12.5 µ)


High resolution
Fast build time
Post-processing not required.


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About us

Company details

Founded in 1999, SDD has built up a worldwide reputation for excellence in print finishing.

SDD designs, manufactures and markets inline, offline and near line document finishing solutions for the graphic and digital printing market. Indeed, its R&D division develops high quality finishing products featuring the most advanced technologies available today.

SDD offers a wide range of equipment and supplies for the binding, stapling, coating, laminating, collating, feeding, creasing, folding, cutting, and perforating of both digital and offset output.

Partnerships, tailor-made solutions and OEM options

SDD has become a valuable partner in document finishing. Through close co-operation with international printer manufacturers such as Canon, Océ, Xerox, Ricoh and Konica Minolta tailor-made OEM solutions are created. Through innovative designs and a fast development process, SDD develops state-of-the-art finishing systems that perfectly fulfill specific requirements and add value to the final system. In addition, SDD has its own comprehensive finishing product line.


SDD (which stands for Smart Dedicated Design) was founded in 1999 with the ambition to improve the printing process by developing a connection between printers and the document finishing machines.

The company has its offices, factory and R&D facility in Emst, located in the centre of the Netherlands. For its factory resources, SDD is proud to work closely with the Felua Group in the Netherlands.

SDD has grown to become a trusted expertise partner in document finishing with innovative solutions for the digital printing market. More than 45 different products have been created and launched and, since 2004, SDD incorporated finishing machines into its portfolio from the most renowned brands.

In 2007 SDD took over the sales activities of A.D. Technics B.V., a Dutch company specializing in document finishing solutions. As a result, SDD became the exclusive reseller of Morgana products in the Netherlands.

Today, SDD has the entire production process of its machines in its own hands, from design and development to manufacturing, delivery and maintenance of its document finishing solutions. All SDD products comply with the highest quality standards and requirements.

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