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Voytec Yozkov

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Pl. Solny 15
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.075  Proofing software

Proofing software

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.085  RIP systems

RIP systems

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.05  Equipment & systems for printing forme production
  • 01.05.020  Computer to plate systems for offset printing

Computer to plate systems for offset printing

  • 01  prepress/print
  • 01.05  Equipment & systems for printing forme production
  • 01.05.025  Computer to film systems / Imagesetters

Computer to film systems / Imagesetters

Our products

Product category: Proofing software

123rip - proofing options

Contone, halftone and raster proofing – choose the appropriate
proofing technique according to your needs.
Dot for dot output – See the rosette and detect possible moiré
with halftone simulation up to 200 lpi using raster proofing.
Data integrity – Using the 1-bit files (raster proofing) or the same
PS/PDF engine (contone or halftone proofing), data integrity is
guaranteed. Proofs can be printed with or without imposition or
even from the history (raster proofing only).
Colour accuracy – Contract proof quality (average ΔE < 1 for
contone proofs, CIE2000 formula).
Solution for low budget customers – With its own interlacing
solution, 123RIP achieves high quality even on low-cost A3+
Epson desktop printers.
ICC or target profiling – 123RIP proofing can simulate either an
ICC profile or a certain target printing environment (by profiling the
Media saving – Proofing is assisted by the same media saving, job
management and previewing environment as regular jobs.

all our 123RIP editions includes also:
Soft proof – Export the preview of the processed job into colour
accurate sRGB, CMYK or N-Colour PDF, JPEG or BMP files

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Product category: RIP systems


123RIP Power Edition combines all the elements of 123RIP software and options into a
competitively priced powerful mini-workflow. 123RIP Power Edition improves productivity
and eliminates incompatibility errors by integrating key elements of the workflow into one piece of
software: it integrates advanced screening techniques, dot gain compensation, trapping, imposition,
flexo tools, proofing and ink duct control seamlessly. Following set-up, jobs pass through the miniworkflow
in an easily controllable and user-friendly way.

123RIP Standard and Inkjet Editions combine the most common elements of 123RIP software, offering the choice of customisation.
123RIP’s highly flexible design makes for a fully upgradable system
which can be tailored to your individual requirements. As all functions are present within the software,
options can be included from the outset or simply enabled electronically in the dongle at a later date.
123RIP Inkjet Edition is the affordable choice for owners of inkjet proofers, CTF or CTP devices.

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Product category: Computer to plate systems for offset printing

123ctp.com Comfortline+

123ctp.com Comfortline +  is probably the most versatile system to date for prepress departments to be offered by a manufacturer anywhere in the world. 
Within one system small and medium prepress departments can do:

1- CTP plate production (on both, conventional CTcP UV plates & dry processless plates)

2- CTF film production for other print techniques with up to 4.9 D real optical density 

3- Proofing & Digital Colour printing

This system is dedicated to users who likes to make huge savings on consumables and wish to have universal prepress high quality solution.

Please read more about on our web site, visit us and become our distributor. 

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Product category: Computer to film systems / Imagesetters

CTF film systems - 123ctf

CTF film system is a full-fledged replacement for imagesetters. So if you need classic films to use with screen printing, UV varnish finishing, pad printing or flexo – all the matrices you need, can be done with the system 123ctf. Dedicated Epson original inks or speciall 123HDink, film with stable polyester base allows to obtain great mapped details, smooth tonal gradients and fine details. All in the quality which until now was reserved only for laser systems. An additional advantage of the film, produced on the system 123ctf is total process-less production – these films do not need to be developed and are ready immediately after taking them out of your new machine!

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Our company would have a privilage to present at Drupa Innovation Park our universal prepress solutions:

123ctp.com - 3in1 inkjet CTP to conventional UV PS plate / film / proofing & digital printing  

123ctf.com - 2in1 inkJet to film / proofing & digital printing

123rip.com - Prepress rip Workflow solutions

Please be our guest !

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