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Highlight Media GmbH

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Print services providers

Our products

Product category: Print services providers

Laser Technology

Fast - Clean - Efficient

Completely new, innovative possibilities, breathtaking effects and filigree production processes are the benefits of product finishing by laser beam.

Whenever traditional punching tools reach their physical limits and products need to leave a lasting impression, to stand out from the crowd and provide a haptic experience, is where our laser technology comes into play. And all this from the first print run, without expensive and static punching tools.

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Product category: Print services providers


Vast range of materials

Whether wafer thin paper or several millimeter thick cardboard or common coated paper and uncoated paper, almost all types of paper can be processed without problems. The use of coated and uncoated, printed, unprinted or dyed materials is also possible, as are materials that are structured, embossed or coated.

Whether paper becomes discolored or its color scheme remains stable during the laser engraving process depends on the nature of the material. Our R&D department tests the material before each laser production start in order to obtain an optimal result.
Ideally, send us a sheet of your desired material while planning your order. We will then test the material free of charge.

We not only engrave paper and cardboard, but the following materials as well:

  plastics & foils
   textiles & leather
  wood, cork & metal
   tiles, marble & granite
  acrylic, glass & mirror
  laminate & slate
  plants & fruits
  oil board & rubber

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Product category: Print services providers

Laser data

Laser data and pricing

To laser engrave your item, we need your data with your desired motif, preferably in vectors in the PDF, EPS, AI, SVG, or DXF formats. Pixel data (images as JPG, TIF, PNG, PSD, etc.) can also be used for laser engraving, but this involves an increased laser engraving effort and therefore somewhat higher costs.

We are happy to advise you if you need any support during the production process. If you do not want to create or process the laser data yourself, our graphics department can do this for you.
When generating the data, please note that the counters of a font have to be held by small mounts (approx. 0.5 mm) so that they do not fall out when engraving the font outline.
The costs of laser finishing always depend on the processing time of the laser beam per copy. This processing time varies depending on the size and number of elements you want lasered.
In order to provide an accurate quotation, we need this information; ideally, the motifs you want lasered as data.

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