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Nuenka, S.L.

Doctor Fleming, 9, 08210 Barbera del Valles (Barcelona)


  •   Hall 9 / C03

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  materials
  • 05.08  Printing unit interior
  • 05.08.070  Roller coverings

Our products

Product category: Roller coverings

Graphic sleeves for dampening rollers

We offer an extensive range of qualities for self-made damper and fountain dampening rollers. That allows us to satisfy the market requirements


  • R – Loop Cotton
  • RE – Elastic Cotton
  • FBO/FBQ – Plush Cotton
  • E-NK & RA – Shrinkable Cotton
  • N KM – Shrinkable Cotton/Synthetic
  • S – Synthetic
  • SC – Plush Synthetic
  • SE – Elastic Synthetic
  • RSR, RSKV & N KV – Shrinkable Synthetic
  • RSR-C -Plush Shrinkable Synthetic
  • P & PF – Knitting
  • PE – Elastic Knitting
  • TRR – Shrinkable Elastic Knitting
  • TE – Elastic Fabric

  • Circumference from 80 mm
  • to 380 mm
  • Diameter from 25 mm
  • to 121 mm
  • Wide flat from 40 mm
  • to 190 mm
  • Presented in bobbins of 30 m approximately

There is a possibility of a personalized presentation with a previous agreement.

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Product category: Roller coverings

Folabase U – polyester foil

Non-adhesive polyester hanger for adaptation to cylinder circumference and length of printing on offset printers.

Folabase U can be applied very easily under forms of printing and rubber blankets. In addition, the material can be used in varnishing units in combination with the Folacomp compressible blanket to achieve ideal lifting conditions.
Composed of a layer of biaxially stretched polyester that offers a high dimensional stability. The thickness tolerance is low. The composition of the material has extremely high swelling resistance to wetting solutions and cleaning agents showing less tendency to breakage.

Thicknesses: 0.04 – 0.08 – 0.10 – 0.12 – 0.14 – 0.16 – 0.18 – 0.20 – 0.23 – 0.25 – 0.28 – 0.30 – 0.35 mm

Folabase Soft U

Folabase Soft U offers a reliable support for the adaptation to the circumferences of cylinders and print lengths in offset printers and guarantees an optimal point transfer.
The two-layer composite of dimensionally stable polyester and extremely ductile polyurethane ensures extremely high dimensional stability and a constant thickness.

Unlike the sheets of calibrated paper, Folabase Soft U has a good breaking strength and can be used again. It is very resistant to the swelling caused by moisturizing solutions and cleaning agents.

Thicknesses: 0.35 – 0.40 – 0.45 – 0.50 – 0.55 – 0.60 – 0.70 – 0.75 – 0.80 – 0.90 – 0.95 – 1.05 – 1.10 – 1.30 – 1.45 mm


Folabase – Calibrated polyester Booms Adhesive

Folabase H 48 – Self-Adhesive polyester Boost

Folabase H 48 is a new Folex product in the segment of self-adhesive sheets. The corrosion inhibiting additives in our Folabase H48 polyester hanger protect the cylinder surface. The blade can easily be applied to the cylinders and can be removed quickly and cleanly with very little effort.
The protective film is made of siliconized polypropylene, which prevents wrinkling and prevents dust penetration. Due to its high resistance to chemical cleaners and solvents, Folabase H48 is characterized by a long service life. The sheet shows very good thermal stability in the press.

Thicknesses: 0.08 – 0.10 – 0.12 – 0.14 – 0.16 – 0.18 – 0.20 – 0.22 – 0.24 – 0.26 – 0.28 – 0.30 – 0.32 – 0.35 – 0.40 – 0.45 – 0.50 mm

Folabase H 48-RB – Self-Adhesive Calibrated underpacking foil

Folabase H 48-RB is a specific development of the Folabase H 48 hike. An anti-slip surface lining supports the special requirements of the underlying sheets on blanket cylinders.

Thickness: 0.14 – 0.16 – 0.18 – 0.20 – 0.23 – 0.25 mm

Folabase Soft A

Folabase Soft A is the self-adhesive version of our modern and flexible Folabase Soft U. The composite of two layers of dimensionally stable polyester and extremely ductile polyurethane ensures extremely high dimensional stability and a stable thickness. The soft polyurethane layer absorbs mechanical forces and ensures good resistance against paper jam.

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Product category: Roller coverings

Polyester Transparent Inkjet Film

Polyester Transparent Inkjet Film

  • High dimensional stability
  • High density
  • Outstanding sharpness of dots and solid black reproduction for superior image quality
  • Instant Dry


Production of separations of positive or negative films for the exhibition of screens for the textile industry, screen printing and flexographic plates

Thickness: 100 microns

Polyester Inkjet Film Mate
  • Dimensionally stable polyester
  • Matte surface
  • Uniform density
  • Instant Dry


Production of originals, positive or negative, for the exposing of the screen for the textile industry.

Architectural designs and plans.

Thickness: 75 microns

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About us

Company details

Company’s Philosophy

The new location of Nuenka, S.L., has been well equipped with the most advanced technology implements and with a staff of professionals that have understood how to attend the needs of the most demanding customers, offering them a personal and caring service.
The special attributes of Nuenka, S.L., as a manufacturing company, has allowed us to face with some advantage the hard competitiveness situation present at the graphic arts sector, being able to adapt our services to the particular needs of each one of our customers.
Our activity´s development has been always based in three values: quality, quick service, and a competitive price.

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