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Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

Our products

Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

Corona treatment systems

Most plastics have a non-polar, electrically well insulating and water-repellent surface. It is poorly wettable for printing inks, solvents, aqueous polymer dispersions, adhesives or adhesion promoters. This is especially true for polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester films. The printing of such plastics (films or 3D objects) or their further processing by laminating or coating is therefore not possible. The inks would not adhere, delamination would occur in the production of composite films.

Corona treatment is the most commonly used form of surface treatment. The aim of this method is to increase the polarisation of the surface, which significantly improves wettability and chemical affinity.

The effect achieved by the corona treatment is an increase in surface tension to values between 38 to 60 mN/m. Since the surface tension is caused by dispersive and polar interaction components the introduction of polar functional groups in particular increased the polar component of the surface tension.
To avoid errors, is is important that the surface tension of the film is higher than that of the coating material. In addition, the ratio between polar and dispersive interaction of the film should be as similar as possible to the surface tension of the coating material. Only then can an optimal wetting, and thus adhesion be achieved.

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Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates


A plasma station gives the user the opportunity to replace the reaction atmosphere of the plasma discharge by a nitrogen atmosphere. ALDYNE ™ goes one step further and allows the use of a process gas atmosphere with a well-defined gas composition. For this purpose, an ALDYNE ™ system has another component in addition to the corona station, plasma generator and nitrogen supply: the gas mixing panel.

In the gas mixing panel of an ALDYNE ™ plant, nitrogen and noble gases are used to compose the process gas, which is injected directly into the electrode gap of the corona station. The composition of the process gas can be precisely adapted to the properties of the material to be treated. Of course, the controller also allows you to save different recipes for different materials.

In combination with the extremely high treatment performances, ALDYNE ™ offers results in technically demanding materials. It’s the less expensive alternative to wet chemical primers and a big step forward in environmental protection, process optimization, and cost reduction.

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Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates


The Plasmajet® (registered AFS trademark) produces a plasma without a vacuum. The plasma, generated by high voltage in combination with any process gas, is blown out of the unit, and is potential-free. It is used for surface modification.     When the plasma comes into contact with a plastic surface, the wettability is increased. Metal surfaces can effectively be cleaned, and it is also possible to weld plastic sheets.   The system comprises of a plasma reactor with nozzle, a high-voltage generator with transformer and high-voltage rectifier.  

The application field for Plasmajet® is mainly where geometric, three-dimensional bodies or profiles are to be coated, printed, glued or cleaned.
Typical application examples:
  • Treatment of EPDM profiles for the automotive industry before flocking
  • Treatment of adhesive grooves before gluing the lens of car headlights
  • Treatment of razors and mobile phones before tampon printing
  • Degreasing aluminum profiles before bonding

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About us

Company details

AFS understands your business
AFS has been building corona and perforation lines for more than 30 years. We are constantly learning from the cooperation with our customers. Today we are building the best AFS systems ever. Benefit from our experience and our innovations.

Equipment for smooth continuous operation
The systems are built to run. Early warning systems and simple operating concepts mean that machine downtime is eliminated as far as possible. The generators automatically log important process parameters. This allows faults to be quickly located and rectified. When investing in a production line, the cost of the Corona Treater is not a big factor, but the loss of money due to downtime of the line should the Corona Treater fail can be significant.

Only stainless steel, aluminum and ceramic
The design and construction principle of AFS dispenses with the use of plastic in the systems. The result is extremely robust machines. All components are easily accessible. This is good for quickly setting up the segments and for convenient cleaning.

If you need support ...
… then our worldwide service is always available quickly. It makes it easy for your systems to run again without complications even after many years of operation.

AFS offers more than the legally required warranty. AFS gives you a full two-year warranty. Because we are convinced of our quality.

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