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vhf camfacture AG

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  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.010  Cutting machines and cutting systems
  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.345  Engraving machines for embossing plates

Our products

Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems, Engraving machines for embossing plates, Cutting plotters

CNC milling machine X - The most innovative CNC milling machine from vhf

The X is the new flagship from vhf, combining precision, power and stability. On a table area of 2 x 3 m, the machine offers innovative technology Made in Germany, and intuitive ease of operation. As an absolute all-rounder it can do a lot more than just milling. With the optional XtraUnit fitted, it is also the perfect machine for cutting and creasing.

Milling and cutting redefined
The X is a completely new development and the start of a new era. Experience the impressive bandwidth of the machine in the video and convince yourself of the numerous features that make plate processing even more effective.

Ultimate stability for perfect results
Xstructure: High-tensile aluminum sections deliver extreme rigidity and are filled with the latest technology. Compared with other types of construction, the internal X-shaped honeycomb structure offers maximal resilience at much lower weight. In combination with the machine’s low-vibration cast components this enables the X to run so smoothly. Thought out down to the last detail, in a quality that accepts no compromises – the X.

Work on almost any material
Xhead: Its powerful 5.8 kW peak output, spinning at up to 40,000 revolutions per minute, makes short work of any material. The X machines panels dependably in many different materials, including aluminum, plastics, wood and stainless steel. On request, an optionally integrable XtraUnit with switchable lance oscillation can process soft materials. V-cut, kiss-cut and creases are also available without difficulty. And all without having to retool!

Intelligent fastening for a firm grip
Xvac: Eight vacuum suction units are integrated into the table and monitored by sensors to provide an impressive 1,325 m³ of volume flow for maximum grip. They ensure your panels are securely fastened to the 2 x 3 m table for machining. At the same time the brushless, durable suction units only use as much energy as needed and are surprisingly quiet.
x/y positioning range: 2,045 x 3,050 mm

Safety without limits
The laser safety scanner offers maximum protection without compromising handling. Cutting-edge safety technology, with no distracting light barriers, safety mats or enclosures to disrupt your workflows.

Position work pieces conveniently
It has never been easier to align your workpieces: the X is equipped with several pneumatic stops that can be set individually to position your workpieces simply and precisely.

Easy, fast retooling
Xtool: Up to 24 tools can be switched in and out as desired. The ability to flexibly and quickly change all HSK-25 milling, cutting and creasing tools is incredibly convenient, time-saving and does not require any manual user intervention.

Maximum precision thanks to integrated camera
Xmeasure: The integrated camera makes it possible to move to the workpiece’s zero point conveniently and accurately. Optionally, you can equip your X with automatic register mark recognition for printed workpieces, so that the contour is milled or cut exactly along the print.

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems, Engraving machines for embossing plates, Cutting plotters

CNC milling machine Premium - At home with industry

Our premium machines have been specially developed for industrial applications. They stand out for their particularly stable construction, powerful drive units and an array of great features.   Discover the possibilities
Typical vhf: manufacturing without compromises. With the vhf Premium you can machine a wide range of materials, such as plastics, metals or wood, powerfully and precisely. It can be panels, profile sections or housings – with the Premium, users are ideally equipped in all industries where CNC milling technology is deployed. Because the milling machines in this series are as versatile and individual as your applications.   Safe as houses: housings
The machines in the Premium series can be built in different versions, with full or partial safety housing.   Individual working area according to your specifications
Our Premium machines are configured specifically for your application and can be supplied in 500 mm steps, up to a size of 2 x 3 meters.   Quiet running and sharp edges The stable frame and the powerful drives with twin linear guides and two y axes mean the machine runs extremely smoothly. This is reflected in the excellent quality of the edges produced by the Premium series.   Virtually no set-up time
Get maximum flexibility thanks to different clamping ranges: the front clamping area for fixing large-volume workpieces (such as housings), the T-slot area for individual mechanical or pneumatic clamping devices, and the vacuum table for efficient clamping in plate processing.   Perfectly prepared: Premium Pro package
We recommend the Premium Pro package to give your milling machine even more reliability, rigidity and power.
  • Axis cover: The axis covering completely covers the rubber lip protected openings of the guide rails of the linear axes. So it effectively prevents that chips may impair the drive units.
  • Bridge stiffener:The bridge stiffener supports the x axis with an additional U-shaped beam that can be adjusted for optimal stability using tension and pressure bolts.
  • Stronger drive motors: Drive motors with a current rating of 7 A instead of 5 A give you even more power for machining your workpieces.

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems, Engraving machines for embossing plates, Cutting plotters

CNC milling machine Active Pro - The champion in panel machining

The Active Pro delights all users looking to work on large-scale panels thanks to its diverse applications, huge selection of extra equipment and attractive value-for-money proposition. The 2 x 3 m table size is particularly popular.

Your Active Pro – your choice
CNC machines from the Active Pro series make light work of all standard materials, including Dibond®, acrylic, aluminum, Forex®, wood, cardboard, Kapa® or similar. And you master every job with ease.

The all-rounder in XXL format
We build your machine to your specifications in 500 mm steps, from 1,000 x 1,000 mm up to 3,000 x 8,000 mm. That makes the Active Pro the ideal milling machine for large to very large workpieces.

Our solution for high-performance production
The right machining unit is vital for high quality. So we offer a wide choice of spindles for every application and in every price segment. They will enable you to get the best results – powerful and precise – from your Active Pro.

Accurate drive units for high precision
The rack-and-pinion drive delivers remarkable precision, with a repetition accuracy of ± 0.05 mm. So the machines in the Active Pro series not only produce excellent results for their size in milling operations; they can even be used for engraving work.

Pneumatic stopper system
With the pneumatic stopper system for the Active Pro line, it becomes easier to align the workpieces on the milling machine.

More options with the MultiUnit
The MultiUnit from vhf expands the range of possibilities of your Active Pro again enormously. It consists of an oscillating tangential cutting head and the universal head, which can be fitted with different attachments. The oscillating tangential cutting head is ideal for burr-free cutting jobs, whereas the universal head can be used for V cutting, kiss cutting and creasing. In addition to the standard milling materials, this means you can also machine many other materials, including Kapa®, paper, cardboard, tarpaulins, soft and hard rubber.

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Fast and highly precise CNC machines for milling, engraving and cutting with optical workpiece recognition for Print & Cut; large range of carbide and diamond tools.

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