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EAE Engineering Automation Electronics GmbH

Kornkamp 8, 22926 Ahrensburg
Telephone +49 4102 480-0

This company is co-exhibitor of
Q.I. Press Controls B.V.


  •   Hall 16 / A18

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.030  Workflow systems

Workflow systems

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.02  Workflow and data handling software
  • 01.02.090  Ink key presetting systems

Ink key presetting systems

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.03  Software
  • 01.03.015  Production planning and control software

Production planning and control software

  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.185  Control console technology

Control console technology

  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.07  Output devices
  • 06.07.025  Soft proofing systems

Soft proofing systems

Our products

Product category: Ink key presetting systems

EAE Print / EAE PrintPP

Planning, presetting and visualising: EAE Print is the operational ‘heart’ for your workflow. An independent, highly integrated system that utilises the full potential of your press. Efficient and clear, quick to learn and easy to use. With EAE Print, you define your demands for the printed products and the most effective production possibilities are automatically selected. It calculates the preset values for all production equipment which can be remotely controlled from the Control Console.

  • Intelligent and productive production planning
  • Full transparency and a minimum of start-up waste
  • Effective newspaper production with the Print workflow
  • Higher utilisation of press capacity, both newspaper and commercial in one system
  • Minimising frequent preparation and shutdown time

EAE PrintPP is the solution for printing houses that want to automate their lean production processes – and for whom EAE Print would be too complex. EAE PrintPP supports newspaper production on two levels: preset­tings for rotary presses and production planning.

  • Highly automated presets
  • Considerable savings in waste, time and money
  • Easier and more transparent production planning

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Product category: Ink key presetting systems

EAE Print Image

EAE Print Image means fully automated prepress control of your newspaper prinitng press- from the receipt of the digital pages to the issue of the finished plates. Based on print rotation planning, EAE Print image always guarantees economic plate production with optimised production times and increased production safety and quality. EAE Print image can relieve your personnel considerably, especially when working with complex newspaper structures or a high number of plates.

  • Lower "total cost of ownership" through central administration
  • Standardised and rationalised production processes through prepress workflow automation
  • Significant reduction of operating costs
  • Optimum use of the time period between editorial deadline and start of printing
  • Flexible processing of multitude of products and formats
  • Constant control of the production progress in printing plate production

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Product category: Soft proofing systems

EAE Softproof

EAE Softproof zeigt Ihnen sofort, was Sie wirklich drucken wollen – ohne teure, zeitraubende Hardproofs und für jede beliebige Seite. Dadurch haben Sie eine farbverbindliche Vorlage für die Farbeinstellung Ihrer Druckmaschine. Steigern Sie so die Qualität Ihres Druckprodukts, mit weniger Aufwand und geringeren Kosten.

  • Ein vollwertiger Ersatz für aufwändige Hardproofs
  • Visualisierung auf dem Monitor ist farbverbindlich
  • Die Investition macht sich kurzfristig bezahlt
  • Softproof ist für alle Leitstände nachrüstbar

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About us

Company details

EAE is a leading supplier of controls, automation solutions and software for newspaper printers.

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