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Corona Supplies Ltd.

Unit G, Howland Road Business Park, OX9 3GQ Thame, Oxon
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 1844 261779
Fax +44 1844 358187


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Our range of products

Product categories

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  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.125  Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

Our products

Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

Laminating & Printing

Why do I have to treat my material on the printing press if its already been treated at extrusion?
Corona treatment raises the surface energy of substrates. However due to migration of additives to the substrates surface during storage, the corona effect can be reduced within hours, weeks or months, depending on storage conditions. When printing one must ensure that the dyne level of the substrate is high enough to promote adhesion of the inks onto the substrate, otherwise this can lead to disastrous consequences. To ensure this adhesion, it is highly recommended that flexographic and rotogravure printing presses have a corona treater installed.   Likewise, in the lamination process the surface energy of one substrate must be higher than the other substrate to promote adhesion and avoid delamination.   Coating, Laminating, Printing
  • Universal corona treatment systems, for conductive and non-conductive substrates
  • Ceramic Electrodes, unique triple treat, increased corona dwell time.
  • Easy to clean and maintain electrode cartridges, rotate 180 degrees without loss of HT connection.
  • Aluminium or ceramic coated base rolls for enhanced treatment
  • Widths to 3000mm and speeds to 1500m/min
  • Easy, removable electrode cartridges
  • Calibrated direct action, cross-web air gap adjustors for uniform treatment
  • Compact yet powerful treat
  • Light weight, low inertia base rolls
  • Open style construction, ozone extraction at source
  • Safe and easy to operate, maximum operator convenience
  • High performance trouble free treating

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Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

Wide Web

The manufacture of BOPP (MDO & BPO), BOPET and BOPA has lines that are up to 10m wide and speeds in excess of 500m/min. This application requires large corona treatment systems with large amounts of power and multidischarge electrodes. More importantly, the efficiency of the power generators and how that power is applied to the electrodes , ie its impedance matching is of critical importance. This not only gives high efficiency and lower temperatures, but reduced costs and combined with excellent extraction systems, lower electrode temperatures and reduced warping of the electrodes, thereby maintaining the air gap constant.
  • Widths to 10 meters
  • Speeds to 500m/min
  • Covered Rolls, vulcanised silicone rubber, ceramic dielectric coated roll
  • Stainless steel Multi-blade electrodes, excellent edge to edge treatment
  • Effective ozone removal for efficient cooling of electrodes, thereby reducing warping
High KW power generators, large widths and high speeds require expert corona treatment knowledge. With dyne levels of 44-46 dynes/cm2 the norm, you must trust the corona treater installed.

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Product category: Equipment for the pre-treatment of substrates

Narrow Web

Corona Supplies manufacture compact yet powerful corona treaters for use in narrow web label printing presses. Our corona treaters can be used to treat both conductive and non conductive films.   Corona Supplies provide a bespoke solution to all your individual narrow web application needs. Offering a high quality, reliable corona treatment system, with no hidden extras.   A proven design, built and fully tested in the UK prior to despatch to customers site.
  • Cantilever design from single back-plate
  • Uniform mounting to suit most types of press.
  • Multiple Ceramic electrodes for good corona dwell
  • Single, Double or Triple treat available
  • Easy access for web threading and cleaning
  • Film path rollers fitted as standard
  • Pneumatic open/close option
  • Remote control possible
  • “Set and forget” air gap adjustment
  • HT cable and ozone removal at back of treater for more ergonomic design
  • Fixed HT contact for increased reliability
Corona Supplies cantilevered corona system is easily installed on all of the major Label Presses. Our corona treaters have been installed on: AB Graphic International, HP Indigo, Nilpeter, Mark Andy, Comco, Edale, KPG, Gidue, Omet, MPS, Aquaflex, Labelman, Xeikon etc.

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About us

Company details

We are the only UK manufacturer of corona treatment equipment and supplier of Sherman Treaters products & spares.

Corona Supplies is made up of ex-Sherman Treaters employees, including technical and production specialists, who offer a wealth of corona industry experience, years of product expertise and excellent customer knowledge.

At Corona Supplies we pride ourselves in solving your corona treatment requirements with a fast and efficient level of service, quality and great value.
Corona Supplies manufacture corona treaters and offer complete solutions for plastic film extrusion, (blown film, cast film and wide web extrusion), conversion (printing and laminating), as well as narrow web printing and ozone elimination systems.

Sherman Treaters products, which have held a worldwide reputation for quality and performance for over more than 35 years, will continue to be supported by Corona Supplies.
We offer original Sherman Treaters spare parts for existing equipment and ancillaries including silicone sleeves, ceramic electrodes and ceramic dielectric coated base rolls. We also offer a complete range of Dyne Test Pens and Dyne Inks to measure surface tension and indicate surface wettability and interface adhesion levels.

Our technical service department offers quality after sales service and technical support by personnel that have over 20 years experience in Sherman Treaters products.

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