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Renova S.r.l.

Viale Rimembranze, 93, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI)
Telephone +39 02 27007394
Fax +39 02 25708635


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  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.025  Web inspection and control systems

Our products

Product category: Web inspection and control systems

Combirex CX250 Pneumatic monodisc brake

Mono-disc, multi-caliper, air-cooled brake.
With a modular caliper system (up to 6 calipers), Combirex CX250 pneumatic brake reaches a maximum torque of 960 Nm and a heat dissipation of 4,5kW. A wide a selection of diverse HP fan models is available in order to reach different heat dissipation values.
The CX250 brake was designed by Gianpiero Re in the 1980s, the same person who later founded in 2005 Renova srl.

Combirex CX250 pneumatic brake became the reference brake in the converting industry and is still widely used on unwinders in a great variety of applications.
In the 1980’s Mr. Re applied an innovative axial fan ventilation on the CX mono-disc brakes which helped to decrease the temperature faster than before. This led to a reduction of pad wear and an increased web tension quality compared to previous brakes without a cooling fan. Today, the Renova CX pneumatic brake is the result of continuous research and improvements. Great importance is given to the selection of precise materials to reach and always provide a higher performance and less wear of components

  • Customizable caliper configuration
  • Cast iron disc of 250 mm
  • Light alluminium structed
  • High performance pads compounds
  • Different pads models available: standard, anti-rotation, in Kevlar, with or without antivibration ring.
  • Pads RoHs compliant
Renova offers a wide range of hig-quality to price ratio spare parts available, 100% interchangeable with spare parts of all brakes series CX250 avaible on the market. Thanks to a very accurate and costant material selection, the CX250 spare parts provides the best performance in any working conditions.

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Product category: Web inspection and control systems

Simplex pneumatic, hydraulic and hand caliper brakes

To control the deceleration of moving parts for small and medium powers, the best solution is the combination of a brake disc with one or more calipers.
Simplex caliper brakes are suitable for the most various applications thanks to a wide range of models including manual, pneumatic or hydraulic brakes; also available in the failsafe version (spring applied) to guarantee plants’ safety during maintenance and/or in emergencies.
Simplex manual caliper bakes are manually activated thanks to the operator intervention and they are used in all industrial applications where the pneumatic or hydraulic supply may be absent. This type of brakes is normally selected to allow static, maneuvering or tensioning braking.
Simplex pneumatic caliper brakes are designed for industrial applications where air pressure is required to activate the braking system.
The positive pneumatic caliper brakes are therefore activated from the air pressure, which can vary between 0 and 6 bar modifying the braking force in turn. Once the power required is reached it will remain constant, regardless the brake pads wear. The negative pneumatic caliper brakes exploit, instead, the spring actions to activate braking system in a very short time.
Hydraulic caliper brakes have been designed for industrial applications using hydraulic supply. In their negative version they work by springs activation.

  • Braking force from 150 to 40.000 N
  • Linings wear compensation system
  • Inclined mounting kit
  • Pads self-alignment system on all models
  • Pads RoHs compilant

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Product category: Web inspection and control systems

Pneumo mechanical core chucks

The pneumo-mechanical chucks are mainly used in the converting industry as they are ideal when the core must be locked in the absence of any twisting moment in order to transmit high torque values and/or with high working speeds.
They can be used an be used for the winding and unwinding of the rolls.
Through the air pressure, the expansion units expand and lock the reel core in place.
The pneumo-mechanical chuck guarantees safety for the operator and reliability in reel controlling with no maintenance requirements.

In fact thanks to their simple mechanical design, the Renova’s chucks have no rollers or pins or springs that can jam when conditions aren’t perfect. Since there are no moving parts between the expansion cam and the jaw units, these chucks will overpower any debris that finds its way inside and keep working for you.
Besides the robust parts, forged from a signle piece with hardened steel and nickel coated case, do not use any bolts or joints that can fail under high loads.

  • Chuck base forged from a single piece
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Simple design
  • high-gripping jaws
  • Large jaws expansion
  • High load capacity

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About us

Company details

Renova: from 1960

Renova SRL is an Italian company that for more than 40 years has offered application know-how in the industry of web tension control systems for the handling of the coils and roll handling systems. The brakes, mechanical chucks, web tension control systems and roll pushers are all built in the Milan plant. Each are ideal for applications where there is a roll to unwind, rewind or move within the production plant. Renova provides innovative solutions for companies operating in the paper, cardboard, printing, film and converting industries in general, wire, tissue, automotive and other sectors of industry and commerce

To increase productivity and safety levels, while reducing maintenance costs, is a mission of Renova's to offer more innovative, high quality and customer-oriented products.

Renova's story is a story of values, passion and dedication, combined with a zeal for experimentation and innovation.

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