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No.5, Fumin Road, Fumin Industrial Park, Pinghu Street, Longgang District, 518000 Shenzhen, Guangdong
Telephone +86 135 30134447
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.15  Printing machines and systems for special printing applications
  • 01.15.085  Coating machines

Our products

Product category: Coating machines

Reference Data Sheet of Wonder Printer

WONDER digital printer mainly in two types:

One is the Muti Pass scanning digital printer, printing width up to 2500mm, length no limit, printing speed max 440~820㎡/h, the capacity is 1~900 sheets per hour, suitable for hundred or thousand sheets small orders; 

Another is Single Pass high speed digital printers, printing width be ordered, printing speed max 2.2m/s, the capacity is 1~12000 sheets per hour, fastest printing speed similar up to traditional printers,suitable for all kinds quality of orders .

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Product category: Coating machines

WD250-8A/12A Digital Corrugated Printer

  • WD250-8A max production speed can be 440㎡/H;
  • WD250-12A max production speed can be 660㎡/H;

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Product category: Coating machines

WDR200 Industrial Single Pass digital printer

  • 600*200dpi ,max produciton speed 2.2m/s;
  • 600*300dpi ,max produciton speed 1.6m/s;
  • 600*600dpi ,max produciton speed 0.8m/s;

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About us

Company details

Shenzhen wonder printing system Co., ltd. is a new enterprise engaged in researching and development、production and sales of environmentally digital printing equipment, committed to provide customers with environmentally, energy-saving, efficient packaged printing system. Since its inception, it has been introduced stander digital printer like WD180-4A, WD250-4A, WD250-8A, high speed in SINGLE PASS with WD200-24A, WD200-32A, WD200-64A etc. Also UV printer with WDUV250-16A、WDUV250-24A、WDUV060-30A、WDUV200-64A series digital printing systems, the equipment market stability and company service has been praised by customers. All printers already pass European CE certification, exported to countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and others!

To further resolve customer’s demand, improve our services and programs, Shenzhen Wonder always keep developing various facilities, including Automatic Vanish Printing System, WDGY180,WDGY250 etc; Automatic Trimming & Slotting & Slitter Scorer systemWDKC250; special water-based dye ink, UV cable ink, glass coating vanish and so on. We will take resolving customer environmental problems and production efficiency problems for our direction, constantly provide customers with more environmentally energy, more stable, more efficient packaging printing system!

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