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Melzer Maschinenbau GmbH

Postfach 526, 58318 Schwelm
Ruhrstr. 51-55, 58332 Schwelm
Telephone +49 2336 9292-0
Fax +49 2336 9292-85


  •   Hall 3 / A20

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.15  Printing machines and systems for special printing applications
  • 01.15.030  Printing machines for label printing

Printing machines for label printing

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.16  Encoding and Identification systems
  • 01.16.010  Card manufacturing systems

Card manufacturing systems

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.16  Encoding and Identification systems
  • 01.16.020  Smart card systems

Smart card systems

  • 02  premedia / multichannel
  • 02.05  Mulichannel-Publishing
  • 02.05.060  RFID-Systems
  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.03  finishing
  • 03.03.050  Label die-cutting machines

Label die-cutting machines

Our products

Product category: Smart card systems

M4-Reel Machine Concept

The M4-R can be integrated into theexisting modular MELZER process, which offers more than 80 different modules. For creating a fully automatic production line a combination of various M4 systems or the integration of theavailable modules are possible options. This concept follows MELZER's philosophy of a modular system – one basic machine and a range of add-on modules and tools for an infinite range of possible applications.


Wire embedding, pick & place, bonding, dispensing, checking, die-cutting, punchingand laser cutting can be done onone machine in a fully digital process. No expensive tooling costs and no leadtimes for tooling.

Labels, plastic cards, electronic, automotive, medical and pharmaceutical products from paper tickets to high tech electronics – all produced on the samemachinery, only with different add-on modules.

Downward compatibility from the firstmachine to the latest invention, highest accuracy and reliability are key features of MELZER's world-wide success andmotivation to create new customized solutions every day.

The need for a digital machine forforming coils on various substrates for RF-ID applications was the starting point for the new M4 System.

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Product category: RFID-Systems

High speed and multiple track converting machine

With the experience of more than 60 years of craftsmanship MELZER develops customised production solutions for innovative products. Unique solutions for constantly increasing requirements set the standard for MELZER's precision work. Maximum quality, highest flexibility, minimum loss rates and the absolute focus on customer satisfaction have pursuaded a worldwide clientele.

  • Rotary and intermittent mode (dual mode)
  • 330 mm web width
  • Multiple track (up to 6) easily upgradable
  • Up to 60 m/min.
  • With transponder selection in semi-rotary mode
  • For Smart Luggage Tags/Labels/Tickets and Garment Tags etc.

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Product category: Card manufacturing systems

For Dual Interface and Chip Cards

This high speed machine is the fastest and most efficient machine for the industrial production of dual interface cards.

Cavity milling, contact milling of the antenna bumps, application of conductive glue and chip module implanting is carried out in one line in a fully automated process working from card feed magazine to card delivery magazine with an output of up to 5,500 cards/h. The specially designed and patented milling tower mills down precisely to the antenna contact in a separate step after the actual chip cavity was formed by the milling tower.

This separate production step allows highest production speed and guarantees a constant chip module level in the card. Highly precise dispensing systems apply the dots of conductive glue that ensure a secure and reliable connection between antenna and chip module.

Each individual card is automatically measured and tested for functionality (with or without a contact module). Of course, standard chip cards can also be produced on the MI-6000. 

Solid engineering, first-class components and industrial robot technology ensure a reliable function of this high speed machine in a 3-shift operation.


Find more information about MI-5000.

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About us

Company details

In this way we perfect our machines and offer all customers the best possible production solutions with MELZER's modular designs. The high flexibility of the production lines enables us to meet even the most complex customer requests, to optimise the production processes and generate a win-win situation.

Due to very low reject rates during the manufacturing processes and later at our customers’ production facilities, we protect our environment in the long run. The environmentally friendly, sustainable production methods of our machines and the considerate handling of natural resources already contribute today to the long-term protection of our environment of tomorrow.

The rock-solid and modular construction according to German engineering tradition guarantees the longevity of the machines, which can be adapted to future customer requirements at a later date.

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