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SCHUKO H. Schulte-Südhoff GmbH

Gewerbepark 2, 49196 Bad Laer
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.075  Dust removing equipment for printing presses

Dust removing equipment for printing presses

  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.210  Edge trim extraction units

Edge trim extraction units

  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.19  Infrastructure
  • 06.19.045  Exhaust air purification systems

Exhaust air purification systems

  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.19  Infrastructure
  • 06.19.050  Extraction systems for solid, liquid and gaseous substances

Extraction systems for solid, liquid and gaseous substances

  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.19  Infrastructure
  • 06.19.065  Dust extraction systems

Dust extraction systems

Our products

Product category: Extraction systems for solid, liquid and gaseous substances

Mobile dedusting units Profi-S & Duplo

The mobile chip extraction system for your workshop

  • low-cost positive-pressure dirty air extraction unit
  • delivered ready to plug in for easy connection
  • wheel-mounted for universal mobile use
  • acoustic enclosure for low noise level
  • easy disposal through discharge to chip bag
  • numerous accessories available

The Profi-S and Duplo mobile dust collectors are versatile and proven systems for rapid chip extraction. They provide for clean working spaces even in places where permanent installation of extraction systems would be too complicated or impossible due to space restrictions. A Profi-S or Duplo dust collector can be used either as a mobile ‘vacuum cleaner’ with various attachments or permanently connected to a machine (connection nozzle size of 140, 160 or 180 mm).

Extraction is started manually with the push of a button. These units work with positive pressure (dirty air extraction), which makes them unsuitable for extraction of highly explosive dust such as wood, aluminium, asbestos or dust of dust explosion class ST1, ST2 or ST3. Extraction of health-endangering, lung-penetrating substances, gases or fumes cannot be performed with air recirculation. In this case exhaust to outside the building must be set up.

For wood dust use of a tested mobile dust extractor is prescribed.

The extracted chip-air mixture is cleaned by the top filter sack made from a special anti-static cloth (dust class M). For dust-free disposal the separated particles fall into an easily replaceable sturdy plastic chip collection bag below.

A regeneration mechanism is not provided for these units. It is sufficient to clean this type of unit manually by tapping gently on the filter cloth (with the system at a standstill!) at intervals depending on the intensity of use and the chip volume.

Sample applications:

  • Direct chip extraction for drilling, stamping and planing, e.g. in metalworking.
  • Also suitable for profile milling, cut-off sawing or mitre sawing of plastics.
  • In paper conversion they keep the work environment clean during stamping and label production and by extracting edge strips and residual paper.

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Product category: Dust extraction systems

Stationary dust extractor Vacomat

Central extraction system for indoor and outdoor installation

  • space-saving compact design for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Tested filter material for healthy return air (residual dust content <0.1 mg/m³)
  • high quality thanks to the design in accordance with EN 16770 or EN 12779
  • high level of safety due to pressure shock resistant housing up to 200 mbar (according to dust explosion class St1)
  • Modular principle for individual component composition
Stationary dust extractors of the type Vacomat N-1000 and N-1800 close the gap between mobile dust extractors and industrial filtration systems. The technical diversity is of interest both for small to medium-sized enterprises, as well as for the large-scale industry, e.g. as a supplement to the central extraction system.

The Vacomat combines the advantages of large industrial filtration systems in a compact, flexible and highly efficient centralized dust extractor. The essential distinguishing feature compared with similar devices lies in the design:

1. Our stationary Vacomat can be operated at a flow rate of max. 8,000 m³/h. Equipped with an automatic powder extinguisher (in accordance with EN 16770), the dust extractor is approved for installation indoors as well as outdoors.

2. With a dry extinguishing line and pressure relief surfaces (according to EN 12779), the dust extractor becomes a small filtration system for air volumes of up to 8,000 m³/h.
As a filtration system, the Vacomat may only be installed outdoors.

Thanks to an intelligent modular system, a wide variety of variations are available as standard, which are otherwise only produced in expensive special designs:

  • adaptation of the fan power to the required extraction requirement, among other, through a twin fan concept
  • design as vacuum or excess pressure system (only as filter)
  • individual composition of the chip discharge and the disposal system
  • demand-based attachment of the extraction nozzle
  • determination of the ideal location indoors or outdoors as well as equipment according to the associated safety regulations for indoor or outdoor installation
  • energy-saving return air operation also possible for outdoor installation

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Product category: Extraction systems for solid, liquid and gaseous substances

Mobile paint mist extraction unit MiniMax

Compact and low-cost paint mist extraction

  • Small, inexpensive extraction unit for small-scale spraying or pickling operations
  • Equipped with casters for flexible use at any location
  • Energy-saving operation
  • High separation efficiency due to two-stage filtration
  • Stable, self-supporting construction on a solid, tip-proof mobile base frame

The MiniMax mobile paint mist extraction unit is an extremely compact, low-cost solution for occasional spraying, pickling or flash-off. Paint mist is reliably captured over the entire filter surface area. The extraction unit’s high separation efficiency is obtained with two-stage filtration including a category F5 fine dust filter mat in accordance with EN 779.

The robust construction is self-supporting and stands stably on a solid mobile base frame. The airflow can be guided more efficiently with additional baffle plates. The exhaust line leading to outside the building can be laid permanently to the unit connection or can remain on the unit for flexible exhaust conveyance.

The exhaust air fan with energy-saving drive is equipped with a high-quality radial impeller made in-house.
The (explosion-proof) drive motor and the mount are positioned outside the exhaust airstream to avoid excessive contamination.

The MiniMax complies with legal requirements as well as the requirements of trade associations and regulatory bodies. With the supplied power cable with a lengh of 7.0 m the unit can be safely connected to any CEE standard Euro socket outside hazardous areas.

Thanks to this solution, there are no more cost- or space-related reasons for doing without a paint mist extraction system. This unit embodies all the advantages of a stationary paint mist extraction system without being tied down to one place.

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About us

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Schuko 5.0
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Public awareness of air quality and pollution control has never been higher than it is today. Particulate matter levels in cities and air quality in buildings such as schools and public offices as well as in production operations are in the public eye. This is a long-established topic at Schuko Group.

In the last 50 years we have grown to become the premium manufacturer of extraction and filtration systems for workshops and industry. By extracting your dust and chip waste, you increase machine availability, provide for healthy air conditions in the workplace and simultaneously increase productivity for greater operational reliability.

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