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LaserEcoClean GmbH & Co. KG

Tilgshausenstr. 67, 71229 Leonberg


  •   Hall 16 / A63

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  materials
  • 05.07  Chemicals and other additives
  • 05.07.050  Roller washing and maintenance products

Roller washing and maintenance products

Our products

Product category: Roller washing and maintenance products


It takes less than one minute to put the sleeve into the cleaning equipment.
It takes around two minutes to put the anilox roll into the cleaning equipment and you do not need to remove bear gearing or gear-wheel from the roll.

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Product category: Roller washing and maintenance products


LEC600 was designed to enable you to clean anilox rolls with weight up to 600 kg.
All elements of equipment were calculated to perform 24/7.
Saves your production space.
LEC600 doors do not exceed the sizes of the equipment neither in high nor in length.

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Product category: Roller washing and maintenance products

LEC Micro

The LEC Micro was developed specially to supervise the safety of the LaserEcoClean technology.
After each cleaning our customers receive a pdf protocol with microscopic photos of the cells, so you always can see that the cells are absolutely clean and intact. These photos are made with LEC Micro.
The magnification of our optics allows you to see the bridges of the cells with line screen up to 450 lpi.

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About us

Company details

LaserEcoClean was found in 2010 by a small group of printing professionals and since then the only goal of the company was to provide safe, deep and eco-friendly cleaning for anilox rolls. LaseEcoClean is also the only anilox cleaning company in Europe which guarantees you legally in the contract the safety of the anilox roll.
Increased ink transfer: the ink transfer volume of your anilox rolls can be safely increased up to 40% due to our deep cleaning procedure without any mechanical damage of the surface of the anilox roll.

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