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DMA Innotec GmbH

Hinterer Spielbach 16, 72793 Pfullingen
Telephone +49 7121 7487091
Fax +49 7121 7487010

This company is co-exhibitor of
Acigraf Graphic Equipments S.r.l.


  •   Hall 3 / E32

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.05  Equipment & systems for printing forme production
  • 01.05.110  Printing forme production for gravure printing

Our products

Product category: Printing forme production for gravure printing

R10-35 RECON Gravure Engraving Machine

◆ Years proved iron casted machine base
◆ Newest DMA electronic components
◆ Better protection for key components
◆ Individual control cabinet

◆ Prior Screening
Technique -WYSWYE

The Prior Screening Technique of DMA Innotec allows checking the real engraving-data (What You See Is What You Engrave) and retouching before engraving.

◆ PDF Based Workflow
DMA R10 can directly accept PDF data format, which is a safe, fast, compact and worldwide approved modern file format.

◆ Multi Language Support
Machine user interface ZMI and JobCreator have language options English, German and Chinese. Languages can be easily switched on the fly.

◆ Easy Operation
DMA R10 is operated by touch screen and keyboard on the basis of a Windows-PC with user-friendly system software.

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Product category: Printing forme production for gravure printing

R10-22 Gravure Engraving Machine Series


◆ Support driven by linear motor
◆ Absolut encoder with high resolution
◆ Automatic adjustment and measurement of cell parameters
◆ Synchrone clamping for the engraving cylinder
◆ Position controlled drum lift and door movement
◆ Engineered in Germany
◆ Robust and modern construction
◆ Solid iron cast base
◆ Better protection for key components

First Class Quality Engraving
- Integratable with automatic production line
- Achieving fast production
- DMA machine is compatible with existing machine
- Improving production efficiency
- High resolution, fully digital engraving head amplifier and synchronisation unit

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Product category: Printing forme production for gravure printing

R10-16 Gravure Engraving Machine Series

A new generation of gravure engraving machine – DMA R10 Series used the brand-new full digital controlling technology, closed-loop control theory and the modern manufacturing technology; it also achieved several innovations and breakthroughs in technical functions on the basic of the current engraving technology, such as fine text engraving and more ink volume

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About us

Company details

DMA Innotec is an innovative high-tech Company Group based in Germany and Taiwan. Its core competence lies in comprehensive know-how of the latest technologies in industrial process and control systems, electronic engraving and engraving head. Our highly motivated and professional R&D-team and application experts, comprising decades of experience, are the base for the successful development of advanced products. DMA Innotec is focused on engraving technologies for gravure printing, and by applying new technologies, achieves innovation, optimization and advancement of current electromechanical engraving.

At DRUPA 2016, DMA Innotec officially launches new engraving machine – the DMA R10 Series. Introducing brand-new digital amplifying technology, closed-loop control and modern manufacturing techniques, the DMA R10 Series contains several innovations and breakthroughs, such as finest text engraving with 8 KHz, gravure cells with more ink volume and PDF-based workflow.

DMA Innotec is driven by the customers’ demands, to enhance their productivity, production quality and thus the competitive position. Sustainable innovation, reliable service, constructive cooperation are keys to our long-term customer relations.

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