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Tambula GmbH

Robert-Bunsen-Str. 15, 36179 Bebra
Telephone +49 6622 919035
Fax +49 6622 7480

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Jochen Reiter

Technical Sales

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Gerald Koinzer

Technical Design / R + D

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Vasile Buzatu

Technical Design / R + D

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Andreas Metz

Technical Sales

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Foil converting machines

Company news




Mar 2, 2020

Perforation roller segments

segment rollers - pin rollers - needle rollers

  • Standard for higher pin distribution, useful for changing the perforation pattern, can be supplemented with empty segments.
  • They are made out of brass, steel, aluminium or plastic.
  • When a segment is damaged, only the respective segment needs to be replaced.
  • These perforation tools made of aluminium, steel, brass, gunmetal, POM, PE or PA are most frequently found on the market because they can be used flexibly.

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Mar 2, 2020

Complete needle / perforation rollers

pin rollers - perforation rollers - spiked rollers

A ready-to-install needle roller on its own shaft or segments to place on the roller for different applications - more details on our homepage!

The construction of complete needle or perforation rollers depends on the intended use. Please describe your requirements exactly!

Perforation rollers usually consist of individual segments, which are mounted on a shaft or a tube. The mass inertia can be reduced by bearings between the shaft and the tube. In case of driven shafts, the segments can be firmly anchored to this.

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Mar 2, 2020

Plastic perforation rollers

pin rollers with lower mass, thus advantages with pivoting perforation roller reduce the mass of the spiked roller, for example, in and out pivoting perforation roller for partial perforation.
Herewith, we can provide you a very light perforating tool!

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Mar 2, 2020

Spiked rollers for hot perforation - Hot perforating rings needle rollers as spare parts for hot perforation machinery

Spiked rollers for hot perforation can be made of different materials depending on the working temperature. Please contact us for your application!

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Mar 2, 2020

Embossing rollers

Application as anti-slip embossing for bags, in film production and equipment as well as in the production of hygiene goods


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Mar 2, 2020

Microperforation units and machines

complete machinery for micro perforation, also called micro or fine needling

We build complete machines and devices for micro-perforation or micro-needling of foil, paper, foams made of plastic or metal according to customer requirements. Designed as a cold or hot perforation machine, a wide range of materials can be processed at high speed.

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Mar 2, 2020

Perforating machines and devices for hot perforation and cold perforation

The process is also called Hot Needle Perforation and Cold Needle Perforation or Hot Needling and Cold Needling

  • a perforator as a unit or a machine, for high-speed application
  • Standard perforation devices as module system at reasonable prices with manual or automatic roller adjustment
  • Perforating devices adapted to your machine and its special conditions
  • Perforation systems with driven rollers
  • Hot perforating systems for foils, rubber, foam and nonwovens

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About us

Company details

With decades of experience in the production of pinned parts, Tambula GmbH is a globally sought-after manufacturer of precision perforation rollers and perforation units.

On modern high-performance machining centers, we manufacture needle rollers of almost any size - often customer-specific - and guarantee the highest precision at favorable production prices.

In addition, we develop and produce tailor-made perforation units, hot and cold, for integration into production lines.

Machine builders from Europe and users in the widest range of industries around the world trust our reliability and have become regular customers.

Test us and become a partner!

- Perforating rollers for the perforation of plastic or metal foils and chemical foams; for microperforation e.g. for venting; for processing any material

- Embossing rollers for the production of embossed films or nonwovens

- Hot-perforation rollers for film or nonwoven

- Needle rollers of 20 to 400 mm diameter and 5 to 5000 mm length

From the simple device to the complete machine, we are your system partner:

- standard perforation devices, cost-effective in the module system with manual or automatic roller positioning

- Perforation devices adapted to your machine and its special conditions

- Perforation systems with driven rollers

- Hot perforation systems for film and nonwoven

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