Stora Enso Paper Oy of Helsinki at virtual.drupa in Düsseldorf -- drupa - April 20 to 23, 2021 - Messe Düsseldorf
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Stora Enso Paper Oy

P.O. Box 309, 00101 Helsinki
Kanavaranta 1, 00160 Helsinki
Telephone +358 20 46-131
Fax +358 20 4621302

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14:00 - 14:30

Softproofing by Stora Enso - eine Einführung

Live demo des Softproofing tools durch unsere Experten. 

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10:00 - 10:30

Softproofing demo

Live demo of softproofing with all its benefits

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Inspection and test systems

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Paper for digital printing

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Soft proofing systems

Our products

Product category: Soft proofing systems

Softproofing by Stora Enso

Softproofing by Stora Enso sets expectations and helps avoid unexpected results. Fast and accurate optimised print proofs – within hours instead of days. 
Softproofing by Stora Enso is a solution that makes it possible to quality-check printed products already in the pre-press phase. As a result, you and your customers get a reliable, real-time prediction of the expected print results – without ever sending any hardproofs. 
Stora Enso counts on Softproofing because Color management is crucial for good print quality. Many printers do not receive any color proofs or only with incorrect paper simulation and Softproofing by StoraEnso increases productivity and saves time and money. Soft proofing works in practice and offers many advantages for our customers as well as for us as a paper manufacturer. 
This program contains a comprehensive solution and it is easy to use for single pages, multi-page documents or the entire print sheet. 
Predefined paper profiles are automatically adopted. Useful information such as color density, profile selection, 
Color separations, etc. are also available, whereby a quick change between color profiles creates flexibility.

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Product category: Paper for digital printing


Boosts press effectiveness for both pigment ink and dye-based inkjet printing
Achieve unbeatable print quality at a lower total print cost for your high-speed, pigment-based inkjet printing.

BergaJet by Stora Enso is a woodfree uncoated (WFU) paper designed for high-speed inkjet presses using pigment inks or dye inks. It delivers excellent multicolour print quality in pigment-ink-based applications, enhancing your press effectiveness. It exhibits good runnability in printing and post-processing like mechanical conversion and automatic insertion.

These days, as many printers face the challenges of higher printing productivity with huge volumes of personalised direct mail with variable data, they have turned to investing in high-speed inkjet presses. BergaJet is specifically designed to meet the demands of these high-speed applications.

BergaJet is ideal for printing a variety of material, from transpromos to books, manuals and catalogues. It performs well on pigment-based inkjet and laser printing equipment as well as conventional offset presses and OCR.

Like all our papers, it is recyclable and made from wood procured from sustainably managed sources.

BergaJet is available in a grammage range of 75–115 gsm. The product is available as reels and suitable for inkjet and high-speed inkjet printing.

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Product category: Paper for digital printing


For superior results in inkjet printing in reels and sheets
SuperiorJet is a paper for inkjet printing in reels or sheets that delivers superior results.

SuperiorJet by Stora Enso is a woodfree uncoated (WFU) paper designed for use in pigment-ink-based inkjet printers. It features high whiteness and delivers excellent multicolour print reproduction. And, with its good runnability, it performs well in the printing and post-printing processes.

Like all our papers, it is recyclable and made from wood procured from sustainably managed sources.

SuperiorJet is available in a grammage range of 80–160 gsm. For inkjet printing. Available as reels.

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Company news




Mar 3, 2021

Stora Enso’s biogas partnership with Gasum turns waste into green energy

The production of Multicopy paper is about to contribute to the biofuel production in Sweden. The energy company Gasum and Stora Enso will together turn waste into renewable green energy.
Wastewater can be a challenge for mills. Vast volumes of process water containing organic residues need to be treated. At the Stora Enso’s Nymölla Mill, the water treatment facility is the size of ten football fields, and each holding basin is seven metres deep.

“Nymölla Mill has long been a leading light in sustainability,” says Jonathan Bakewell, VP, Office Papers, Stora Enso Paper Division. “Even though today the paper production process is essentially carbon-neutral, they always want to do more.”

“We’ve been looking into biogas for many years,” confirms Michael Lindemann, Mill Director at Nymölla. “When we initially determined biogas could be made from our process water, we wanted to use it to power the mill.”

As renewable energy rose on the global agenda, the idea evolved into selling biogas. Given the challenges that remained, teaming up with a partner who really knows biogas was the best way forward.

“I have talked with Stora Enso in different roles throughout my career in Swedish biogas,” says Erik Woode, Director, Biogas Business Development at Gasum. “When Gasum came into the picture on this project, it really was a game changer.”

Gasum not only brings technical know-how in producing biogas, but also has a distribution network. These factors help to make the biogas partnership a powerful combination from which Stora Enso, Gasum and the environment all benefit.

Creating value from waste
Looping the mill’s process water through the biogas reactors breaks down the organic content to produce state biogas. This process reduces the organic content up to 60 per cent after just five hours in the reactors, leaving far less to be treated in the wastewater facility.

“The key here is that today we can liquify the biogas,” explains Woode.

Liquified biogas (LBG) is comparable in energy-density to diesel fuel, making it ideal for the heavy transportation sector, a major source of carbon emissions. LBG emissions are 90 per cent less than diesel, and LBG produces far fewer particulates, further minimising impact on air quality.

Replacing liquid natural gas (LNG) with LBG is the immediate goal. “LBG is what we call a drop-in fuel,” explains Woode. “It is 1-to-1 with LNG, and we are hurrying now to fill our stations with LBG because that is what our customers want.”

The LBG from Nymölla will improve the overall balance of renewable energy in Sweden considerably, accounting for a 5 per cent increase in biogas production. That’s enough to power the equivalent of 13 000 cars a year.

The excitement builds with a twist
Even with the best plans, a global pandemic is tough to mitigate. Travel restrictions and quarantines kept works from coming to the site. “We were in a difficult situation if there ever was one,” says Lindemann. “For our part, the mill is ready to go, and that was fortunate with our hot summer.”

The heat nearly killed the microbes in the water treatment facility. Luckily, the heat exchange system for the flow to the Gasum facility was already in place, so it was used to cool the effluent and save the microbes.

Final assembly of the LBG plant should be completed during springtime this year. The mill will start pumping water shortly thereafter, followed by a ramp up period as Gasum tunes operations for full capacity.

“Something that I really appreciate is that Stora Enso allowed us to build our plant right at the mill,” notes Woode. “One could say that is a complicating factor in the project, but the results have been well worth it.”

Many people are eagerly waiting to see those results. “I’m also very excited to see the project come to completion,” says Bakewell. “Not only does it make our mill more efficient, but Multicopy paper, our star product out of Nymölla, gets a wonderful new chapter as a biogas generator in its sustainability story.”

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Your natural choice for sustainable paper and Technical Services from prepress to converting.

As Europe’s second largest paper manufacturer, we are sure you can find just the right paper for your print or publishing needs. We offer a huge range of sustainable paper products in different grades and basis weights and with the right mix of tactile and visual qualities that are fit for purpose.

Our offering includes papers made from recycled paper as well as responsibly sourced fresh fibre. We produce newsprint papers, book papers, supercalendered magazine papers, coated papers, office papers, kraft papers, packaging papers and speciality papers. 

Explore our range of papers here:

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