ATS-Tanner GmbH Banderoliersysteme of Heidelberg at virtual.drupa in Düsseldorf -- drupa - April 20 to 23, 2021 - Messe Düsseldorf
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Markus Theres

National Sales Manager ATS-DE

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National Sales Manager ATS-FR

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Area Sales Manager ATS-UK

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National Sales Manager ATS-NL

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National Sales Manager ATS-CA

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Technical Sales Manager ATS-PL

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National Sales Manager ATS-ES

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Area Sales Manager

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Area Sales Manager

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Leiter Verkauf Schweiz

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22 Apr 2021
14:40 ‐ 15:10
Banding printed items and corrugated cardboard
Banding material - Advantages of banding

  • Standard banding machines
  • Automatic banding systems
  • Banding material

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.115  Systems for selective binding

Systems for selective binding

  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.455  Bundling machines
  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.585  Shrink film packaging machines

Shrink film packaging machines

  • 05  materials
  • 05.02  Paper, cardboard and board for packaging
  • 05.02.025  Packaging paper

Our products

Product category: Banding/banderoling machines

ATS US-2000 AD: The modular designed standard machine

The Ultra-Sonic banding machine with arch is configured in a modular system and can be delivered in various arch sizes. This banding machine is also suitable for incorporation into fully automatic systems. The band guide arch made of designer sheet metal and plastic renders the US-2000 AD robust and quick. An arch size adjusted to the product optimizes the cycle time and increases productivity in the packaging line. Gentle banding is guaranteed by the infinitely variable tension setting. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing we can address your special needs and convert them immediately.

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Product category: Banding/banderoling machines

ATS-MS 420S: The table banding machine

The table top banding machine for sensitive products bands up to size A3 (420 mm). The table top model ATS-MS 420S starts immediately and needs no warm-up time.

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Product category: Banding/banderoling machines

ATS US-2000 FSB-A: Counts, stacks and bands in one run

The US-2000 FSB-A automatically counts, stacks and bands cards and printed matter. Shingled product enters on the infeed conveyor of the system. The banded bundles are easily palletized or boxed.

Alternatively, the US-2000 FSB-A is available with feed magazine, straight feeder or 90° feeder (picture on left). It is possible to equip the stacker with a lift unit for small products. The stacking width and length is easily to adjust with handles and scales.

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Product category: Banding/banderoling machines

ATS US-2000 LBM: Automatic alignment and bundling of label stacks

Automatic banding of label stacks. The number of stacks and banding is selected by simple operation via touch-screen. After the 2-hand release the start takes place and the label stacks are inserted and banded.

  • Whole stacking rows of feedable and processable
  • Simple format adjustment
  • Automatic length measurement and positioning of the band
  • No damage to your product

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Product category: Banding/banderoling machines

ATS US-2000 TRS-L3: The talent behind stackers

The US-2000 TRS-L3 banding system with three conveyor belts is taking over the product stacks (1-up or 2-up) with the input conveyor. The stacks are pushed from the compensating stacker to the infeed conveyor belt of the US-2000 TRS-L3. The mentioned first conveyor belt is adjusted to the output velocity of the stacker and to the velocity of the banding machine conveyor belt. The stacks are transported to the stopper, aligned from all four sides, pressed and banded

The 3-fold conveyor belt allows a direct transfer from the compensating stacker without outlet conveyor belt and provides storage space for one product stack. The lateral guidance will be adjusted to the product width by the measurement stick.

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Product category: Bundling machines

ATS US-2000 CSW-DMS: For sequential processing of different product stacks

With this banding machine with a digital measuring system, label stacks of different sizes (mixed sheet printing) can be automatically measured and banded with single or multiple bands.
Die Stapel werden direkt auf das Förderband aufgelegt. Während dem Einschieben wird die Länge der Stapel automatisch gemessen und die Position der vorgegebenen Banderolenanzahl berechnet.
Der Pusher schiebt den Stapel in die Banderolier-Maschine und die pneumatische Seitenausrichtung richtet den Stapel aus. Vor dem Banderoliervorgang wird der Stapel mit einer Presse komprimiert. Aufgrund der Voreinstellung werden die Stapel 1- 3-mal banderoliert.

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Product category: Banding/banderoling machines

ATS US-2000 TRS-SW-550: The corrugated cardboard system for perfect stacks

The US-2000 TRS-SW with shuttleworth takes the product stack from the conveyor belt and aligns it from all sides. The compressed stack is banded 1- or 2-times. With manual stacking, the machine can also be used 3/4 automatically.

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Product category: Banding/banderoling machines

ATS US-2200 LBS-SL: Longitudinal banding after inliner systems

The US-2200 LBS-SL banding machine consists of a servo-driven longitudinal banding unit. For the gentle banding of die-cut, slotted and printed boxes. Thanks to smart, digital 2-step banding technology from ATS high-quality printed corrugated cardboard stacks can be banded without any damage to the edges. The system ensures the uninterrupted flow of products and mini-mizes waste. Thanks to the zero damage technology no surplus production is needed anymore.

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Product category: Banding/banderoling machines, Packaging paper

ATS-Tanner Banding material

Our bands are made from a variety of materials and are available in widths between 15 mm and 100 mm. Bands made from brown or white paper are particularly eco-friendly. Film bands are made from high-quality raw materials which guarantee recyclability. Our paper and film bands are perfect promotion, image and information carriers. They can be printed in advance with up to ten non-migrating colors, or they can be single-color printed during banding. Bands are also extremely user-friendly and can be opened easily by hand. And bands are tough: they support up to 30 kg and can be deep-frozen, boiled, baked or microwaved.

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Company news



23 Feb 2021

What is banding?

Banding is on everyone's lips when it comes to sustainable packaging and reducing packaging material and plastic. But what exactly is banding and how does it work?

Do you know the tapes printed with "Action" that bundle several products into multipacks in the supermarket? Or the transparent bands that hold together the different sized goods ordered online in the shipping carton? Do you take all the information about zucchinis, bananas or apples in cardboard trays that you buy in the vegetable section at retail from printed bands? Are you familiar with the bands that hold together stacked printed items, cardboard or corrugated cardboard in such a way that the edges of the fragile products are not damaged? Or have you ever bought convenience food or other products where a double-side printed band up to 100 mm wide, for example, holds a tray packaging securely together and at the same time takes care of all the communication around the product? That - and much more - is banding.

How banding works

In banding, a band of paper or film up to 100 mm wide is placed around one or more products by a banding machine and welded with the use of a sonotrode with ultra-sonic technology or, in fewer cases, with a hot wedge. Glue or other adhesives are not used. The continuously adjustable tension of the band varies depending on the properties of the product or application. It reacts to the resistance of the product to be banded. For soft and fragile products, the band tension is alternatively controlled by a fixed length or soft length. Also possible: Sensors measure the product to be banded and automatically adjust the band length. This variant is used, for example, when banding mail packages of different sizes that are fed to the banding machine by a conveyor belt (end-of-line automation).

Printed and unprinted bands

Depending on the application, bands are used unprinted, printed on one or both sides in advance using the flexographic printing process, and additionally or exclusively printed with a thermal transfer printer during banding. While the flexographic printing process focuses on the branding of the product, thermal transfer printing is used to print variable information such as the producer, the best-before date, the batch number, the weight or a bar code. Printed bands therefore also replace labels. Unprinted bands are often used in intralogistics when logistical units have to be formed to simplify processes.

Different banding machines for different applications

Depending on the production volume and requirements, different banding machines are used: mobile stand-alone models or fully automatic banding machines integrated into the production line.

  • In the simpler standalone models, the banding process is usually triggered manually (e.g. via a foot pedal)
  • In automated applications, sensors and I/O or bus-based interfaces come into play. Example: A robot holds the product to be banded in the banding machine, the sensor confirms the presence of the product and the banding process is triggered via the interface.
  • In fully automatic applications, the banding process is triggered by a PLC (programmable logic controller). Depending on the application, the process is optimized by different signals and factors. Depending on the machine design and the system concept, a performance of up to 300 products per minute or 100 banding processes per minute can be achieved.
Banding is environmentally friendly

Banding stands for "only as much packaging as necessary". Bands often replace shrink films or sleeves, thereby significantly reducing plastic and material consumption. Ultrasonic banding machines are also extremely energy-efficient and thus help to reduce CO2 emissions. Because a banding machine with integrated thermal transfer printer also replaces the labeling machine, additional material and energy can be saved depending on the application. In most countries, bands made of coated paper are recycled via the paper cycle. If the band has to be made of paper, but the proportion of foreign material must not exceed 5%, our partially coated paper is used. Bands made of film are made of pure and high-quality PP, HDPE or PLA. The amount of recycled material is at least 20% for all foils. The thinnest film (FTU) has a thickness of 50 my. All banding films are considered mono-material and are 100% recyclable.

Banding stands for frustration-free packaging

Banding not only reduces plastic and packaging material, but also stands for frustration-free packaging. Bands can be opened by hand without any problems: Either at the weld seam in the case of bands made of film or at any position in the case of bands made of paper. Amazon shows what constitutes frustration-free packaging and how important it is in the video Frustration Free Packaging.

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About us

Company portrait

Market-focused solution partner for transport and end-use packaging.
Over 30 years of tradition accompanied by a well-developed innovative capability and an uncompromising search for quality characterize the image of the ATS-Tanner group.

Six main markets
In the six main markets Graphics, Food, Manufacturing, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals and Merchandising the Group never fails to impress with its advanced problem-solving skills in the field of end-use and transport packaging. As a customer, you will receive in-depth project advice from a single sourceon exactly the right machine for the job and an extremely wide range of quality expendable items.

A global wealth of contact and experience
As part of the ATS-Tanner Group, which is active across the entire world, we have a global wealth of contacts and experience which enables us to find extraordinary solutions. You will find further information on the websites of our sister companies. Tanner & Co. AG and BFT Produktions AG.

Key technology for banding
The ATS-Tanner Group is active on the world stage with the key technology of banding, the gentle way to bundle products. The head office in Switzerland and the subsidiaries in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, France, Poland and the UK as well as about 40 agencies in different countries ensure that the ATS-Tanner Group has a global reach.. As an experienced system provider, we solve every banding problem including the development and integration of fully automatic banding systems into our customers’ production lines.

To cut a long story short, we are an agile, reliable and cost-conscious partner who develops the best packaging solutions for our customers – and for you too?

Company data

Number of employees 100-499