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Company news



16 Mar 2021

Aleyant joins Dataline Certified Partner Program with integration between Pressero storefront and MultiPress MIS/ERP software for print businesses

16 March 2021 - Bruges
Dataline, Europe's #1 MIS/ERP for print production companies announces that Aleyant, an innovative player in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry, has recently joined Dataline's Certified Partner Program. The program involves an integration between Aleyant's Pressero web-to-print solution and Dataline's MultiPress MIS/ERP software. The integration results in a seamless and sustainable connection between market leaders MultiPress and Pressero that delivers productivity benefits to users of both automation solutions.

E-business and e-calculator
E-business has become an integral part of the graphic industry. A web shop with a well-defined and integrated customer-oriented process helps graphic companies to do (more) business and build up a loyal customer base. E-business provides, both in B2C and B2B environments, extra reach, extra service and extra income. The MultiPress ERP/MIS supports this evolution with its own advanced solutions. Especially the new e-calculator, thanks to a powerful calculation engine and full integration with the entire workflow, allows for much greater flexibility - on the demand and supply side. And this by fully automatic price calculation based on real-time information about all variables in the complete production process - ranging from the daily price of substrates to the available machine capacity. 

MultiPress and Pressero
MultiPress is the clear market leader in the Benelux and has also grown strongly in Europe in recent years. The ERP/MIS software is now available in 25 countries and 11 languages, and in recent years has been investing heavily in integration and linking up with partner solutions. And that's how Pressero came into the picture ...

The flagship product of American parent company Aleyant has also built up a solid reputation and presence in the European market. It is therefore no more than logical that both superior platforms tracked each other down through customer queries. And immediately took the bull by the horns by setting up a 'certified partnership'. The result is a further increase in efficiency in the graphics sector, for both Pressero and MultiPress users.

Who is Aleyant?
Aleyant, a US company with offices in Southern Europe, is best known for its flagship product Pressero. This is a powerful mobile-first e-commerce platform specifically aimed at print production companies and one of the most complete web-to-print systems in its price range. It is a convenient to use cloud-based - B2B or B2C - online storefront that can be quickly and easily customised to customer needs. It enables print businesses to expand their customers' capabilities to be more available, efficient and profitable online. Aleyant's software is used and integrated by a range of suppliers in the print industry: HP PrintOS, HP SmartStream, Fujifilm XMF, Canon PRISMAdirect, ...

Wide range of (combined) functionalities
The cooperation between Pressero and MultiPress speaks for itself, especially when it comes to functionalities:

  • Online orders with instant correct calculations for each order, dynamic pricing (in function of quantity, speed, machine availability) via the e-calculator of MultiPress;
  • Extensive possibilities for adapting files online;
  • Mobile-first responsive design;
  • Automatic upload and download of files in the graphic workflow;
  • Comprehensive shipment and delivery arrangements;
  • Advanced feedback: order status information, production data and status.
Dirk Deroo, ceo Dataline: 'With MultiPress, Dataline has built up by far the most advanced administrative workflow for graphic production companies. The next step is to connect MultiPress with software and hardware from other providers. Therefore we have created the certification programme. The result: next-level automation and efficiency optimisation where the customer can use a sustainable solution supported by both companies, now and in the future. The coupling of MultiPress with Aleyant's Pressero fits perfectly in this range, providing a powerful e-business solution for many of our users.'  

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11 Jan 2021

Dataline continues European growth with the acquisition of software company Insad Grafisch (Netherlands).

Bruges,  - At the end of 2020 Dataline successfully finalised the acquisition of Dutch company Insad Grafisch. Insad Grafisch is an industry partner of Dataline and developer of the Drumis software that is used by many Dutch print media companies and graphic intermediaries. Dataline, the developer and supplier of MultiPress ERP/MIS software for the print media industry, further strengthens its leading position in the Dutch market, and continues its European growth. 

After the decease of Insad founder Gerard van Helsdingen, there was a need for a strong partner to guarantee the continuity of the company. It was therefore logical to start talking with Dataline. The negotiations led to the acquisition of Insad Grafisch at the end of December 2020, which resulted in the Insad employees, the Drumis software and the customer portfolio becoming part of Dataline.

Dataline will continue to support Drumis software according to the applicable terms and conditions. A migration trajectory, including conversion, training, and service to MultiPress is set up.

Dirk Deroo, ceo of Dataline, is very pleased with this acquisition: 'We are not only adding a valuable customer portfolio to our company, but also a number of experienced specialists in the form of Insad employees. Dataline offers all Drumis users a future perspective of a modern software platform and in-depth knowledge of the print media industry in all its aspects. Dataline has also in 2020 further grown as European market leader'.

European expansion

With the acquisition of Insad and the Drumis customers, Dataline not only significantly expands its leading market position in the Netherlands, but also strengthens its European market share. Today, the organization employs over 60 employees, 1,000 licensees and 10,000 daily MultiPress users in 23 countries.

Deroo: 'Acquisitions fit into our European strategic growth plans. Therefore, in 2021, we will investigate a number of acquisition cases of MIS/ERP software providers in the graphic industry that, like Dataline, have a strong focus on customer satisfaction, product quality, and employ competent and motivated employees.’

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12 Nov 2020

E-calculator wins EDP award

Every year, a consortium of European trade magazines from the graphic industry presents the 'European Digital Press' (EDP) Awards. And for the second year in a row, MultiPress wins an EDP award as best MIS/ERP system. In 2019, the MultiPress Installation App already received the honor, this year the innovative MultiPress e-calculator was awarded.

MultiPress e-calculator: online business with dynamic data.

With the MultiPress e-calculator module, the approach to e-commerce in the printing sector is changing dramatically. The boost in e-commerce platforms for printing requires more advanced solutions. Instead of a static online price list, the e-calculator opts for a completely dynamic approach.

Based on up-to-date information on all variables in the complete production process, the user is offered the most efficient production method, delivery time and the most current price immediately and without any further intervention.

The e-calculator therefore adds the power of MultiPress' dynamic price calculator to any e-commerce solution and thus automates online print orders.

In turn, the print provider is assured that e-commerce promises are kept, as price and delivery times are based on current data in the MIS/ERP system. In addition, by using intelligent algorithms within MultiPress with offers and campaigns, fluctuations in production capacity or material prices can be anticipated.

The workflow from order to delivery is fully integrated and automated.

Thus, after order confirmation, the entire workflow - from delivery to invoicing follow-up - is handled fully automatically and without time-consuming intermediate stops. 

Dataline deploys this unique processing power of MultiPress via web portals or third party APIs. The MultiPress e-calculator integrates seamlessly with most existing e-commerce solutions on the market (Prestashop, Magento, Prindustry, Woocommerce, Pressero, etc.). This allows both end customers (B2B or B2C) and print production companies to take full advantage of the advanced and lucrative opportunities that e-commerce has to offer.

E-commerce for your print business?

Online sales are ideal for standard products, that's the perception. And graphic companies often offer customised products, which made the switch to online ordering platforms difficult. But by linking the powerful MultiPress calculation module with existing webshop platforms, there are now no more obstacles to making e-commerce efficient and profitable in your print production company. After all, from now on, MultiPress' computing power steers your webshop, creating a wide range of possibilities.

Moreover, online ordering not only attracts new customers. Existing customers who place orders through your webshop also make the administrative processing a lot lighter. After all, you no longer need to invest time in the layout and follow-up of quotations or the follow-up of print files. MultiPress does that for you.

In addition, there are various possibilities for the technical set-up within MultiPress. From simple web portals to online editing and follow-up tools to the fully equipped e-calculator.

The starting point is always that expanding e-commerce with MIS integration creates a dynamic environment that gives your printing company wings.

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02 Nov 2020

Agfa certified as a Dataline Technology Partner.

Integration of MultiPress MIS/ERP software into Agfa Apogee delivers unprecedented efficiency gain.

Bruges, November 2, 2020 - Dataline has certified Agfa as a MultiPress Technology Partner. Thanks to this certification, future integrations of MultiPress MIS/ERP software into the digital front end of Agfa Apogee can be carried out in a standardised way.

Linking the administrative processes automated via MultiPress to Agfa’s graphical workflow produces efficiency improvements in many areas. JDF/JMF links can be used to create print orders in production directly from the administrative workflow, without any manual intervention needed, making the process of creating proofs and plates, press planning, and reserving paper fully automatic. The JMF feedback ensures that the order status can be closely monitored from the administration flow. The end result is a production process that runs more smoothly and with a lower error rate, with more satisfied (end) customers.

Andy Grant, Head of Software at Agfa: “MultiPress is the leading MIS software for graphics production companies, and we had a large number of customers asking for this link to Apogee. Obviously, this wasn’t something we could implement overnight, but now this integration is already in place at a number of printing businesses in Belgium, such as Bredero Graphics (Albe De Coker group), Gazelle, and Inni Group, and companies such as Andi smart print solutions in the Netherlands.”

Dirk Deroo, CEO of Dataline, explains: “With MultiPress, Dataline has established by far the most advanced administrative workflow for graphics production companies over a number of years. The next step is to link MultiPress to the software and hardware of other providers, and that was the thinking behind the certification programme. With the help of standard links to the platforms of financial and logistical companies, e-business, prepress, and suppliers of materials, our partners and Dataline can significantly enhance the added value of the MultiPress installation in a reliable and standardised way. What this means is next-level automation and optimised efficiency, allowing the customer to deploy a sustainable solution supported by the two companies now and in the future.”

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18 Sep 2020

JDF: not plug & pray

JDF has become an integral part of the graphics production process. Nevertheless, there has been some criticism – from Heidelberg, for instance. Robert Hartman from MIS supplier Dataline defends the importance of the standard. “It is important that even more suppliers commit to the platform.”

In advance of the introduction of Heidelberg’s new workflow system, Zaikio, the German press builder made some bold statements on the importance of the JDF standard. Connecting to the new “open” system via APIs (Application Programming Interface) would be much better.

Robert Hartman, Business Development manager at MIS supplier Dataline, disagrees with this discrediting of JDF and was surprised by the claim that “JDF has never worked”. Hartman: “JDF does work and it has a future. At Dataline, we have customers running a full JDF workflow. This gives them process automation that wouldn’t even be possible without JDF. Think, for example, of personalised items and barcodes that ensure that the right cover is combined with the right inside.”


In developing JDF, CIP4 – the organisation behind the standard – aimed to create links between all parts of the graphics production process. The standard describes the entire process and makes the exchange of information between machines and software unambiguous. Hartman: “JDF no longer stands alone. At one time, the process started when the order came in. Now there are links to the end customer via APIs. This may be an order system, a web-to-print portal or something else. Jobs defined in an XML file arrive via an API. This is automatically converted into a conventional order with all the accompanying specifications. Then JDF takes over. It's part of the whole process.”

“What’s particularly important is that JDF is consistent. Once the workflow is up and running, it stays that way. Everyone adheres to the agreed standards and, as a result, everything remains stable. It becomes more difficult if we break away from the standard and each supplier has their own API. If something is changed somewhere, it has consequences for the entire workflow.”

APIs are now playing an increasingly important role in the production process. Customers want to send their jobs to the printing company automatically and this requires links that are not provided by JDF. Hartman: It’s not a choice between a JDF or API link. They are closely related and can exist independently of each other. The functionality of APIs continues to grow, but you can never use them to access your entire application. The application contains program-specific logic. That’s why the SAPs of this world have not yet penetrated the graphics industry. Before there can be an end product, there are a number of intermediate steps. The intelligence is in the application – you can’t make it all available via an API. All this is described in the JDF standard. Everyone in our industry knows that there are different folding methods. This is defined in JDF. If you forward a JDF job ticket to an application that supports JDF, it’s always correct.”

However, JDF also has its limitations, says Hartman. “There are dialects – you can’t get away from that. You can add private tags (codes outside the JDF specification – Ed.). We’re cautious about that, because then you’re making specific links to a particular system. If something changes in the software, these codes no longer work.”

Defining all production specifications in JDF is never going to work, says Hartman. “The production process is too complicated for that. If we achieve 60 or 70%, that’s great. It's not plug & play, but it’s not plug & pray either.” What’s important to us is that we don’t have to develop a separate link for each supplier. That’s the great strength of JDF.”

Not a catch-all solution
“With a combination of APIs and JDF, you can automate production to a large extent. This is important, for example, when automatic orders come in from an Internet print provider. If you don’t automate it, the orders won’t arrive on time and you can’t make a profit”, says Hartman.

New developments such as data analysis and robotics are playing an increasingly important role. JDF does not provide for this. “An API is not a catch-all solution, but it will play an increasingly important role in links of this kind. In cases like this, we, too, have no choice but to set up an API for specific situations.”

Over the past few decades, Heidelberg has asked its customers to purchase all production assets from them. The aim was to make automation much simpler and better. Hartman: “That's the advantage of JDF for the printer. It means that you’re no longer dependent on one retailer. You can choose which printing press, which MIS and which workflow software you want to use – provided it supports JDF. It’s especially important in a hybrid print media company, where you want to switch between offset and digital at the last minute.”

An order manager-less process

The initiators of JDF at the end of the last century were Adobe, Agfa, Heidelberg and MAN Roland. Its ongoing development was transferred to CIP4 some 20 years ago. Since then, the developers from the affiliated suppliers have met annually at InterOp Meetings, invariably attended by Dataline. The advantage of InterOp Meetings is that the technicians sit together and everyone can write their requirements on the whiteboard and exchange information. This means that adjustments or additions can be quickly implemented and tested. The meetings used to be very well attended. Nowadays, we’re one of the few MIS vendors that attend the meetings. Last time, there were two. It seems that people no longer want to spend time and energy on it.”

During a presentation at a conference in Munich last year, Hartman mentioned the problem. “We’re concerned that there are so few MIS suppliers at the table. We are competitors, but together we can ensure better cooperation with larger organisations. No MIS supplier is as big as Heidelberg, Kodak or Xerox. CIP4 are working hard, but it’s important that they connect even more suppliers to the platform.”

This raises the question of whether CIP4 does enough in terms of marketing. Wouldn’t it make sense for them to launch a promotional campaign during Drupa 2021 in order to get everything back on track?” Hartman: “I think so. CIP4 should show clear examples of cases where the process is fully automated. In our industry, an order process without manager is possible. This doesn’t mean that order managers are no longer needed, but you can’t hire someone for an order of ten posters. There’s a lack of people with expertise, so you have to use the knowledge where it is needed. Thanks to automation, companies can focus more on the needs of the customer.”

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22 Jun 2020

New Certified Partnership between Kodak and Dataline Solutions

Watford, UK, June 22, 2020 - Kodak and Dataline Solutions have just entered into a Certified Partnership to advance process integration and networking between management information systems (MIS or ERP systems) and the digital production workflow in the printing industry.

Dataline develops and provides the MultiPress MIS software for print service providers of all sizes and operating in all segments of the graphic arts industry. MultiPress is number one in the Benelux countries in terms of installations and is also rapidly gaining in popularity throughout Europe. As a condition of end-to-end automated operations, printers need high performance integration between their management information system and the production workflow. The efficient two-way integration of MultiPress with the market leading KODAK PRINERGY Workflow is achieved using KODAK PRINERGY Business Link Software and additional integration developments by Kodak and Dataline, which are all based on open standards. This enables seamless connectivity with third party applications and eases future system expansions.

Customers of both companies can profit from a seamless, automated and transparent flow of data and information between the business and administrative level and production. Thanks to the accurate order data and instructions which are received from the MIS, the job files are automatically processed correctly in the PRINERGY Workflow environment without any further operator intervention. Jobs can be routed through production with end-to-end automation and maximum efficiency – up to the final output, whether on plates or digital. In the opposite direction, detailed production information that is supplied to the MultiPress MIS from Kodak’s PRINERGY Workflow supports precise costing, production planning and invoicing.

“This new partnership between Kodak and Dataline will generate lasting benefits and significant added value for the customers of both of our companies,” said Todd Bigger, Vice President, Software, Kodak Print Division. The collaboration will enable even tighter integration as well as end-to-end automation between processes that are crucial to get jobs to press fast, economically and error-free as a condition of efficient and profitable print production.”

“We’re delighted that this collaboration will result in significantly higher operational efficiency and precision as well as cost savings and, ultimately, more profit for customers working with market leading software products such as KODAK PRINERGY Workflow and our Dataline MultiPress MIS solution,” commented Dirk Deroo, CEO of Dataline.

Options and benefits demonstrated in a webinar

As part of the new partnership, Kodak and Dataline will host the joint webinar “Boosting Integration & Automation by Dataline & Kodak” with a live demonstration of the automated interaction between MultiPress MIS and PRINERGY Workflow as well as the concrete application benefits for print service providers. The webinar will take place at 4:00pm on 9th July. Customers and prospects from the printing industry are cordially invited to take part. 

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30 Oct 2019

MultiPress connects with Komori

Linking MultiPress MIS to Komori KP-Connect Pro creates a fully automated workflow, from the incoming order to the finished printed product.

MultiPress Certified Partnership Programme delivers powerful automation.

Bruges, Belgium, 30 October 2019 – Dataline, market leader in ERP/MIS solutions for graphics production companies, announces that it has implemented the JDF/JMF link to Komori KP-Connect Pro. This software link between the MIS and the printing press allows an automated exchange of data, with the production data from the print job in MultiPress being sent to the printing press and, in parallel, to the prepress workflow. This means that print jobs can be created automatically for the press, with all the necessary parameters, such as the print run or paper. Via the prepress workflow, the imposition and colour information is routed automatically to the right place. The MultiPress system receives real-time feedback for the cost calculation, as well as status updates from the press including the estimated lead time and press speed.

All these information flows increase the efficiency of the whole production workflow, as well as ensuring faster lead times and precise communication with the customer. Thanks to the information retrieved from the MIS database in MultiPress, critical parameters need only be entered once during the workflow, significantly reducing the likelihood of errors.

The tried and tested integration at this level between the MIS and the printing press also provides the necessary management information and, ultimately, allows optimal management of the printing business.

Komori KP-Connect Pro

KP-Connect Pro printing task control software is positioned between the MIS and production site, where it brings transparency to complex task control and allows all operators to share the latest production data in real time. This integrated control includes creation and distribution of schedules as well as collection of production results for both offset presses and digital printing systems. Digitalising the planning table and daily business report means that this information can also be viewed in real time.

About MultiPress Certification

Dataline and Komori have joined forces and signed a MultiPress Certified Technology (CMT) partner agreement. This programme ensures that suppliers like Komori are certified to implement a link between MultiPress and their own application, based on the JMF technology. In collaboration with the partner, Dataline supplies the knowledge, development and support and also performs the necessary steps to standardise the solution. MultiPress has a fast-growing number of certified partners who connect the open MultiPress MIS/ERP platform to a wide range of technologies and solutions in the graphics industry, such as software, hardware, consumer goods, paper and substrates. Joining forces in this way means that more powerful solutions and innovations, offering greater added value for the end customer, reach the market more quickly. Thanks to this certification programme, overall quality and customer satisfaction are guaranteed for both the partner and the end customer.

About Dataline and MultiPress

Dataline Solutions develops ERP business software for dynamic offset, digital, finishing, signage, large-format & textile printing companies (MultiPress) and advertising & communication agencies (QuoJob).

MultiPress is an MIS/ERP software solution developed from the needs of the graphics industry that links all administrative, commercial, financial, and logistics processes within a graphics company. It includes a CRM function, quotations, order management, logistics & shipment management, planning and invoicing. MultiPress integrates the company’s production software and guarantees an automatic information exchange. Administration, sales and production are linked in a fully integrated solution. MultiPress accelerates processes, increases efficiency, eliminates errors and ensures transparency of all costs. With more than 8000 users, MultiPress is the standard ERP/MIS software in Belgium and the Netherlands. Growing throughout Europe, the software is now used in 19 countries and available in 11 language versions. For more information, visit 

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