IML MACHINERY srl of Offanengo (CR) at virtual.drupa in Düsseldorf -- drupa - April 20 to 23, 2021 - Messe Düsseldorf
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Via Circonvallazione Sud 55, 26010 Offanengo (CR)
Telephone +39 0373 780380
Fax +39 0373 789033

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silvia Bertoli



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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.425  Hole punching, eyeletting and riveting machines
  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.02  converting
  • 03.02.070  Packaging machines for stationery

Our products

Product category: Gluing machines, Laminating machines

IML DA 1010

A 1010 Fully automatic  casemaker  / turning-in line for the production of:

Display folder.
Lever arch file / binder.
Samples books.
Folders for wrapping boxes.
Hardcover book covers.
For single and multiple pieces, first and last pieces up to a minimum width of 10 mm, for hot and cold glue, format min 12x 15 mm / max 70 x 110 

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Product category: Packaging machines for stationery



This compact and simple machine is a good choice for small and medium producers of high quality boxes. The operator needs to feed the pre-formed box which has previously been assembled on the bottom with the pre-glued cover material. When the automatic cycle starts, accurate outside and inside wrapping and pressing are performed automatically, and the finished product will be automatically released.

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Product category: Laminating machines, Gluing machines


 DA 850 casemaker for gluing and laminating different material, for paper from 80 gr to cardboard with 6 mm thickness, for hot and cold glue, with vacuum table from 2 to 10 meter, viscosimeter and register guides.

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Product category: Hole punching, eyeletting and riveting machines, Stationery manufacturing machines


This automatic line for production of complete lever arch files is composed of: flats prefeeder,z flats feeder, creasing, punching and fixing of finger hole eyelets, fixing of lever arch mechanisms, punching and fixing of rado eyelets, feeding of compressor bars. Assembled files go out from the machine automatically and are ready for packing.

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Product category: Hole punching, eyeletting and riveting machines, Stationery manufacturing machines


This electro-pneumatic machine punches and fix rado and finger hole at the same time. The eyelets are fed automatically from automatic feeder. The cardboard flats must be fed to the machine manually.

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Product category: Gluing machines, Laminating machines

DA 2002 semiautomatic casemaker ( lamination + nip roller + turning-in)

multi-functional gluing and case making machine can produce folders, book cases and paper-over board products in short and medium quantities. The machine consists of guing unit for hot and cold glue (DA175) with automatic viscosity control (DA100) vacuum table (DA2000) with guides for the precise positioning of the cardboard pieces on the glued material, folding and pressing rollers (DA301) for simultaneous turning-in of 2 sides at a time. Corner cutter S 74/13.

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Product category: Gluing machines, Laminating machines, Hole punching, eyeletting and riveting machines, Stationery manufacturing machines, Packaging machines for stationery

IML machinery different department

1)spare parts warehouse
2)design department
3)wiring department
4)finished machines warehouse

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Product category: Stationery manufacturing machines, Packaging machines for stationery

grooving machine DA 140

This machine can make “V” or “U” shaped grooves on the cardboard. The operator feeds manually the cardboard sheet in the grooving machine, after adjusting the requested distance and depth of the creases. The machine will transport the board through the grooving station and deliver it to the operator’s side. The cut-off chips will be ejected on the rear side.

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Product category: Gluing machines, Laminating machines, Stationery manufacturing machines

DA 2004 casemaker

One, three and multiple-piece cases
Book cases with rigid spine for photo books in short runs and one-off
Cases with special shape for packaging
Inside lining without gripper marks
Thanks to the ergonomic design, the machine can be operated by one person. 


In the Basic version, the operator has to adjust the board guides to a new size (the whole operation takes less than one minute). Optionally the machine can be equipped with automatic computer-controlled servo motors for guide setting and bar code readers for single case production. After feeding the cover material through the gluing station and placing it onto the vacuum table, the board is placed by the operator on the glued material and from here the assembled piece is fed to the 1st roller folding station. The rest of the operation – 3 and 4side folding, corner tucking and pressing is done automatically, while the operator can already feed the next product.

In the Automatic version, all the adjustments for case and board size are performed automatically.

Additional bar code reading system and optional board cutting machine da 904 is special execution for photo book  case manufacturing. Bar code reading triggers the automatic setting of the machine. DA 904 provides simultaneous ‘on demand’ cutting of the side and spine boards according to the bar code readings

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Product category: Hole punching, eyeletting and riveting machines, Stationery manufacturing machines


 machine model B100 This machine will apply automatically a flat-type elastic band on the cover of the agendas. The elastic band will be inserted through the cover, then  folded inside and glued by hot melt. Length and extension of the elastic are programmed by the operator by means of a “touch screen” panel.
- Flat elastic widht:               5 up to 12 mm.
- Capacity:                             Up to 14 pieces/minute
machien model B 122 The machine is equipped with a touch screen on which the operator can set the desired length of the elastic. The distance between the eyelets is adjusted by a special wheel which allows to change the position of the heads from min. distance of 110 mm up to 350 mm. Once the dimensions are set, it is sufficient to press the pedal to start the production process.

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Product category: Laminating machines, Stationery manufacturing machines, Packaging machines for stationery


Complete line of machines for prouduction of luxury boxes in small and medium quantity with fexibility of changing quicky the size and material of the boxes

DA 902 This semiautomatic machine is used for application of a pre-glued paper strip on the edges of cardboard boxes. This allowes to keep the box in the right position for further covering and gives additional strength to the box itself. The paper is cut to required size as programmed and pressed on the 4 edges of the machines one at the time. All the operations (length of the paper, temperature and dwell time) are set in the computer control.

DA 910 this machine can be used to cut the corners of the cardboard to be used for rigid box manufacturing, after the grooving process. The second head can be used for paper cutting whereby the knife can be provided on the specifications of the customer.

DA 900 box forming machine ( decripiton above)

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Product category: Stationery manufacturing machines

OM 16 Semiautomatic machine for fixing lever arch mechanisms

This electric machine performs fixing of lever arch mechanism by four rivets at one stroke. The mechanism is placed in the right position by the operator. The cardboard flats are fed into the machine manually as well.

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Product category: Stationery manufacturing machines

CV 60, Cv 60A and Cv 60 AA creasing machine

 CV 60 manual cresaing machine  performs creasing of various types of cardboard. The distance between the creases and their thickness is   manually adjustable
CV 60 A The machine makes the creasing on various types of cardboard at one stroke. The width and depth of the creases is adjustable by special levers and wheels. The number of creases and the distances between the creases can be adjusted by help of a computer. There is also a possibility of saving various creasing configurations
in the computer’s memory.
 CV 60 AA same as CV 60 A but with additional automatic feeder of the boards

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Product category: Gluing machines

small gluing machine with optional viscosymeter

This machine is a manual hot cold gluing unit for paper and others materials, between 80 and 500 grsm. Additional equipment available for feeding of thicker products up to 5 mm thickness. The machine is available in 3 version:

DA 175 F for use with cold glue only;
DA 175 C for use with hot and cold glue
DA 175 C + DA 100 as above including viscosity control unit  (Air intake , pipe Rilsan  Ø 12 mm, compressed air 300NL);

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Company news



09 Mar 2021

Sole 24 Ore article of 15 July 2020 Special Printing Solution – Excellent Realities

ML Machinery, experience and flexibility
The excellent partner for ad hoc production solutions
Our sector is in constant evolution and this is why we operate with a highly motivated team, which is able to anticipate new challenges and is to promptly address the needs of the fields in which we are present. Our goal is to offer machinery which  is constantly improving in terms of  performance and flexibitlity to different needs “.
Silvia Bertoli, CEO of IML Machinery, branch of the historic IML Srl – Industria Meccanica Lombarda – founded in 1947 by her family and today among the world leaders in the production of accessories and components for the paper converting industry, bookbinding and related sectors.

«IML Machinery was born from the need of the parent company to satisfy a large client base in the realization of finished products with targeted solutions and has since specialized mainly in gluing / laminating machines, paper converting machinery, bookbinding and machines for the production of luxury boxes – explains Silvia Bertoli – IML supplies the accessories, while IML Machinery supplies the machinery: together we offer our customers a complete package for their production. Many customers have expressed the need to be flexible, to be able to produce changing the material and the format very often: in these cases a versatile machine, able to be set up for the new format / material in a short time, allows to satisfy this need quickly.

We have found great interest in the luxury packaging sector, with customers engaged in the production of limited edition boxes, and also in publishing, which is in constant evolution and requires short runs, book on demand and photobooks. The paper converting sector also remains a pillar, mainly linked to the offices and schools, with the production of filing cabinets and folders with ring and pressure mechanisms “. IML Machinery solutions at
companies operating in the sector are based on a wide range of efficient and professional equipment which allows for faster and more precise work, like the new machine with automatic “hooking” whose patent dates back to 2019 or the new fully automatic line for production of folders and many more.

«Our strength is undoubtedly the great attention to our customer and to the changing world – Silvia Bertoli points out – and our proposals include small machinery, manual machinery, up to fully automatic solutions, for customers who want to start production or for those already of a certain production size who want to invest further ». At the headquarters in Bovisio Masciago, in the province of Monza Brianza, and in the show room, IML Machinery manufactures the prototypes
machinery, and often assembles and tests, using materials and products supplied by the customer, with whom it often engineers ever more performing solutions. “Unfortunately, because of the lockdown, this year Drupa, the most important trade fair event for our sector originally scheduled for June,  was postponed, – concludes Silvia Bertoli –to April 2021, from 20th to 30th, in Düsseldorf. IML Machinery will obviously be there with its own stand to present

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About us

Company portrait

Founded in 1947, Iml industria meccanica lombarda srl, with factory and headquarters in Offanengo ( CR) Italy, is today one of the leading manufacturers of mechanisms and components for the stationery and bookbinding industries.

Iml machinery srl was initially formed to offer 360° service to our customers worldwide through the development of machinery and custom-made solutions for the application of the products.

Our constant cooperation with customers has gradually inspired the company philosophy, aiming at always finding the most advanced solutions in the stationery , packaging and bookbinding industry. These solutions are today’s answers to the changing demands of the new technologies in printing and the fastest dynamics of the market. In our factory located in Bovisio Masciago (MB), 30 minutes from the major Milan airports, we develop, assemble and test our prototypes and in our showroom we demonstrate the full range of our equipment and welcome our customers with their own materials ad products for testing and technical questions.

Here you will find a young , dynamic and motivated team of people, always looking for their next challenge.