IDEAL Krug & Priester GmbH & Co. KG of Balingen at virtual.drupa in Düsseldorf -- drupa - May 28 to June 7, 2024 - Messe Düsseldorf
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IDEAL Krug & Priester GmbH & Co. KG

Simon-Schweitzer-Str. 34, 72336 Balingen
Telephone +49 7433 269-0
Fax +49 7433 269-200

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THE 56 - Cut from the futureMade in Germany


Bruno Stegmaier

Leiter Vertrieb / Head of Sales

Simon-Schweitzer-Strasse 34
72336 Balingen, Germany



Frank Matheis

Vice President Sales & Marketing
Export Sales

Simon-Schweitzer-Straße 34
72336 Balingen, Germany



Bettina Baumann-Priester

Export Sales Manager

Simon-Schweitzer-Strasse 34
72336 Balingen, Germany



Philip Coulin

Sales Director Asia-Pacific
Export Sales

Simon-Schweitzer-Strasse 34
72336 Balingen, Germany



Björn Sauter

IDEAL Health

Simon-Schweitzer-Strasse 34
72336 Balingen, Germany



Günther Braun

Vertriebsleiter Deutschand
Vertrieb Inland

Simon-Schweitzer-Straße 34
72336 Balingen, Germany




Thorsten Scheidler

Vertriebsleitung Außendienst / Key-Accounts Nord
Vertrieb Inland

Simon-Schweitzer-Straße 34
72336 Balingen, Germany



Ewald Rottenanger

Leiter Kundendienst / Service Manager
Kundendienst / Customer Service

Simon-Schweitzer-Straße 34
72336 Balingen, Germany




Marc Hofmann

Technischer Berater / Technical Adviser
Kundendienst / Customer Service

Simon-Schweitzer-Straße 34
72336 Balingen, Germany




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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  post press / converting / packaging
  • 03.01  Bookbinding machines and print finishing machines
  • 03.01.100  Tabletop folders
  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.19  Infrastructure
  • 06.19.055  Ventilation systems

Our products

Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems, High-speed cutting machines

THE 56 - Cut from the future

We will whisk you away to our IDEAL world of cutting with the new generation of guillotines (NGS) – "THE 56". With this product highlight, we are setting pioneering accents and are redefining the topic of cutting: Sophisticated functions, intuitive control and convenient operation. THE 56 makes working on a cutting machine easier and more pleasant than ever before – even for demanding projects.

Easy on the hands, comfortable on the eyes: The display has a continuously adjustable tilt and adapts perfectly to light conditions and the ergonomic needs of the user. The diagonal size touchscreen of 15,6'' allows to use it just like a tablet. 

Beautifully simple
The smart user interface ensures any new user instantly feels at home. The display focuses the eye on the essentials – with intuitive touch and swipe navigation. Whatever you need is displayed right when you need it – no more, no less.

THE 56 convinces with the following values and equipment elements:
- 40 % faster pressing and cutting than the previous series
- 50 % higher maximum clamping pressure than the previous series
- switch between measuring units: mm, cm, inch 
- 8 GB SD-Card with storage space for thousands of projects
- 100 % faster backguage than the previous series
- PIN - electronic code lock to secure the machine


File manager
Folder system with freely assignable tasks, selection of projects internally or via USB, spoken project names, and a time-saving search function

Program mode
Single step display with active/inactive settings, cutting steps are separately editable, metadata provided for additional information

Adjustable defaults
Operator-specific default clamping pressure and backgauge speed, automatic loading during startup

Interactive assistance
Assistance swapping blades via animated videos, integrated help/FAQ in program, updates via USB stick


Power Performance 
Redefining efficient guillotining: THE 56 is so smart that you’re no longer forced to choose between precision and productivity. Whether you’re a newbie or an old hand, guillotine work has never been easier.

Clean edges with every cut:
+ patented precision-bearing blade guide
+ electronically monitored clamp bar cover
+ manual fine adjustment of the backguage

Everything fits together perfectly – for flawless results and maximum safety.

Safety Cutting System (SCS):
+ IR safety light curtain
+ two-handed operation
+ patented IDEAL safety drive
+ safe exchanging of blades
+ adjust blade height from the outside
+ restricted access via password protection

This hydraulic paper press system with adjustable and programmable clamping pressure alongside independent mechanical foot pressing is a patented IDEAL in-house technology.

Ergonomically sound for every user:
+ adjustable table height
+ integrated mechanism for exchanging cutting sticks
+ operator guidance via colour signals

Optional extras
Do you want to work even more comfortably?
The base cabinet and side tables for THE 56 offer interesting expansion options.

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems, High-speed cutting machines, Creasing, scoring, slitting and cross cutting machines (combined), Cardboard shears and cardboard cutting machines

Powerful office guillotines – manual or electric: Cuts super-accurate and fast

IDEAL office guillotines cut paper in bulk – all at once and all to your desired size. Cuts may be executed up to a cutting height of 70 mm (around 700 sheets) in a single operation.

When building IDEAL office guillotines, absolute reliability and exceptional service life are prioritized above all. We attain this level of quality through sturdy design and sophisticated technology, which we have honed over decades. This makes our machines not only highly accurate and durable, but also particularly easy
and safe to operate.

The convenient EASY-CUT control element (from model 4315) sets new standards and facilitates precision paper cutting. It also guarantees a safe two-hand operation with repeat lock and concurrency control. At IDEAL, safety is an absolute priority, which is why the safety package Safety Cutting System (SCS) was developed. It guarantees unrivalled operational safety every time you use the unit – without hindering or slowing the working process.

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems, High-speed cutting machines, Creasing, scoring, slitting and cross cutting machines (combined), Cardboard shears and cardboard cutting machines

Electro-mechanical guillotines with electronically controlled safety cover: For a variety cutting applications – accurate, swift and efficient.

You can depend on IDEAL guillotines with safety covers for all office applications. Each is precisely tailored to meet your exacting requirements: The robust electro-mechanics are highly accurate, durable, and guarantee maximum operational safety with minimum maintenance. The solidly constructed frames are designed to absorb all forces exerted when cutting while ensuring unrivaled cutting precision.

These compact, user-friendly guillotines are a joy to use. Every IDEAL machine is built with unrivaled quality and is equipped with world-class safety features. No other cutting machine on the market can match the value of an IDEAL cutter.

The convenient touch pad control module for the electrically driven backgauge allows for quick and efficient set-up. There is also a full scope of programs for  automated operations. The combination of the intuitive controls and automatic functions paves the way for safe and accurate cutting in seconds.

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Product category: Cutting machines and cutting systems, High-speed cutting machines, Creasing, scoring, slitting and cross cutting machines (combined), Cardboard shears and cardboard cutting machines

Electro-mechanical or hydraulic guillotines with IR lightbeam safety curtain: These guillotines let you work more efficiently and increase productivity!

Precision, safety and time-saving efficiency are key when it comes to ensuring cost-effective small-scale production runs. Accordingly, we focus on ergonomic and economical operation when developing IDEAL guillotines with light beamsafety curtains.

These guillotines are designed to maximize work input by optimizing the production process. In addition to an IR light beam safety curtain and touchpad, models are available with hydraulic drive, foot pedals, and air tables. These durable machines feature technology that can be counted on for unbeatable convenience, maximum operational safety and minimal maintenance.

By developing and optimizing premium products, we can meet and exceed the stringent requirements of a digital printing company or small professional printing house. As the market leader in small-format cutters, our machines continue to set the standard.

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Product category: Tabletop folders

IDEAL folding machines: Practical aids for offices and mail processing

Ideal for processing mail quickly and easily.
Folding documents quickly and precisely, with a wide variety of options for different types of paper and formats.  

Mailing campaigns, sending brochures and invoicing processes take a lot of time. Creating and printing the documents, but also their final processing is a lot of work. With IDEAL folding machines, all these types of media can be folded quickly and exactly so they are ready to be put in envelopes. Choosing the right folding type for each application is easy and convenient.

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Product category: Ventilation systems

Perfect air every day. Bring some clean air into your daily life.

Whether at home or at the workplace: We spend up to 90 % of the day in enclosed spaces. And that trend is increasing. Whether working, sleeping, shopping or eating – most activities take place indoors. We rarely give much consideration to the air we breathe in these rooms, although it can actually be far more heavily contaminated than the outside air. The powerful IDEAL air purifiers rid your air of everything that pollutes it. Cleaning your air reliably, and silently. You can feel the difference: When you breathe clean air and feel fantastic at the office, at home and in all your favourite places. The IDEAL air purifiers provide air treatment for your rooms. The perfect IDEAL air purifier for every need. With a wide range of products in the IDEAL line, using the highest quality materials and quality components, IDEAL is setting new benchmarks for air purification.

Highly effective filtering technology with formidable power
The multi-level 360° smart filter system consists of a fine pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an active carbon content, guaranteeing maximum air throughput and optimum filtering. The circular shape ensures optimal use of every filter surface. This also ensures that the air flow easily catches more widely spaced particles. For fresh air – throughout the room.

Layer by layer towards clean air
This multi-layer filter technology has five layers that reliably remove pollutants and impurities from the air, such as fine particulate dust, pollen and other airborne allergens, pathogens like bacteria and mould spores, cigarette smoke, fumes , chemical exhaust and odours. All of this, with a cleaning performance of 99.99%. Also the "MPPS" (most penetrating particle size). These are the most difficult particles to remove with a size of between 0.1 and 0.3 micrometres and the potential to cause illness.

IDEAL indoor air sensor: Analyse, purify, monitor.
The IDEAL AS10 indoor air sensor measures the air composition, indoor climate and possible environmental factors – all in real time. All of these measured values are displayed by the associated „IDEAL AIR PRO“ app. In automatic mode, the IDEAL AS10 also enables all connected IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers to be controlled centrally. They are connected via an app, which also allows all AP PRO units to be remotely controlled online and programmed.

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About us

Company portrait

IDEAL Krug & Priester is one of the worldwide leading manufacturer of small-format guillotines – a name synonymous with high quality standards, proverbial reliability, exceptional durability, convincing ease of use and high operational safety.

Tailor-made to meet your requirements
Durability and accuracy are what characterize these outstanding cutting machines – and what makes IDEAL the first choice for guillotines. Our machines leverage decades of frontline experience and competence for exceptional quality and reliability, thanks to which we remain your first-choice partner when it comes to handling printed matGuillotines made by IDEAL:. Made in Germany – since 1951.ter.

Quality made in Balingen
It is no coincidence that the worldwide leading manufacturer of small-format guillotines is based on the edge of the Swabian Alb – this is the result of a consistent quality policy that we have pursued for 70 years. To achieve this, we need, first and foremost, reliable and highly motivated employees. And we have found them in Balingen ever since 1951. So this is where we have continuously invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. This has been greatly appreciated by our customers for whom our commitment to our Swabian location pays off every day. Our guillotines are not only renowned for their precision, but above all for their durability. However, we do not rest on our quality laurels. On the contrary: every day we strive to become even better. 

In designing our guillotines we have two major objectives: That they cut with precision – and that in critical situations they don’t.
Is there anything more important for a guillotine than cutting with precision? Yes – that in critical situations they do not cut; to be precise – they cut nothing but paper. Therefore, guillotines made by IDEAL stand not only for quality but also for optimum safety during operation.

Our decades of experience in the manufacture of guillotines guarantees the highest safety standards. All IDEAL products meet the international safety regulations and all accident prevention regulations, e.g. the regulations laid down by BGDP, the German association for print and paper. That is why our guillotines also bear the GS sign next to the IDEAL logo. This certifies their safety. Our guillotines also meet the European CE standard and are UL listed for the US market.

We give everything our very best. All the time. Guaranteed.
We work with attention to detail and we always keep the bigger picture in view – with the help of strict quality, environmental and energy management systems. That's guaranteed, since we are certified to numerous recognised standards: DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 50001:2011. Even the very best must be put to the test, because there is always potentially room for a little improvement.

Company data

Export content > 75%
Number of employees 100-499
Foundation 1951