AV Flexologic B.V. of Alphen aan den Rijn at virtual.drupa in Düsseldorf -- drupa - April 20 to 23, 2021 - Messe Düsseldorf
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AV Flexologic B.V.

P.O. Box 252, 2400 AG Alphen aan den Rijn
H. Kamerlingh Onnesweg 2, 2408 AW Alphen aan den Rijn
Telephone +31 172 503625
Fax +31 172 437919

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AV Flexologic Corporate Story"We treat our customers as partners and we listen and value their feedback. We improve our existing portfolio and develop new things according to customer feedback. What we enjoy and what we live for is to improve processes and operations, and solve problems for our customers. This is Who we are and Why we do things."


Martijn Otten

Managing Director
AV Flexologic | Tech Sleeves | Allflexo

+31 172 434 221


Piet Otten

General Manager
Color Control Group

+31 172 503 625


Bruce Hinkel

Technical Sales Manager
AV Flexologic Americas

+1 (616) 293-6357


Chara Psoraki

Sales Manager
Greece | Cyprus

+31 649 300 334


Dario Scursatone

Sales Manager
Italy | France | Spain | Portugal | North Africa | Mercosur

+39 327 972 0582


Erik Stuyver

Sales Manager
Asia | Pacific | CIS

+31 628 339 296


Guillermo Rodriguez

Sales Manager
AV Flexologic Americas | Latin America

+31 639 347 270


Hans Bezuijen

Sales Manager
Germany | Benelux | Austria | Switzerland | Ireland | UK

+31 621 815 172


Michele Polderman

Sales Manager
UK | Ireland | Nordics| Poland | Turkey| Israel | Sub-Sahara Africa

+31 615 040 155


Nathan Rank

Technical Support & Sales Manager
AV Flexologic Americas

+1 262 339 3241


Mihut Vrabie

Sales Manager
CEE - (Central & Eastern Europe) | Baltics

+40 729 948 409


Nick Vietnieks

General Manager
Tech Sleeves

+31 624 861 465


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Join our Managing Director, Martijn Otten, and experience the benefits of automation from the plate mounting department, to the flexographic tape application arena and through to full prepress robotization. All are relevant to your business! ABOUT OUR PRESENTER Charged with running the family business, Martijn Otten is the managing director of AV Flexologic and Tech Sleeves. The firm specializes in automatic flexographic plate mounting technology, as well as overall automation in prepress. The latest innovation by AV Flexologic is the RoboCELL, featuring complete robotization of the prepress department from automatic taping to mounting flexographic plates onto sleeves with no operator interference and zero waste.
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  prepress / print
  • 01.05  Equipment & systems for printing forme production
  • 01.05.140  Mounting and registering systems
  • 06  equipment / services / infrastructure
  • 06.01  Peripheral equipment
  • 06.01.370  Sleeves

Our products

Product category: Automation solutions, Mounting and registering systems

Fully Automatic FAMM 3.0

The FAMM 3.0 is the next generation fully automatic mounter that continues to change the dynamics in mounting departments, a change that first started in 2005 with the ground-breaking technology of the original FAMM.

This machine is the most advanced automatic mounting solution that provides incomparable speed, repeatability and accuracy. It has been developed for our customers who demand the highest standards and aim in an optimized and highly efficient pre-press workflow, that allows an enormous increase in their capacity and a higher overall print quality with fast changeovers.

The patented FAMM 3.0 is the ideal solution for short and frequent job runs. This machine has been completely redesigned during the past 2 years and it is equipped with an updated software which allows more synchronous movements. This intelligent system controls the interactive cameras that read the digital positions of the mounting marks using the patented Image Recognition and a robotic manipulator that picks-up the plates and positions them with an extreme accuracy down to 2μm.

The operator only needs to load the plates on the conveyor belt and select the job to be mounted. The pick-up unit transfers the plate on the exact mounting position. The FAMM 3.0 is advanced with automatic cameras with state-of-the-art linear motors, which provide extreme speed and accuracy. The robotic table positions the plate with an accuracy of 2 microns, and subsequently the pressure roller mounts the top of the plate. The vertically moving cylinders goes down for the second pressure roller to mount the rest of the plate. In the meantime, the pick up unit has transferred the next plate. That way, the FAMM 3.0 mounts the plates two time faster than the previous FAMM.

As a reference, 9 plates can be mounted onto a sleeve in 4,5 minutes including the Quality Check and Report!

The FAMM 3.0 has unique options, such as Automatic zero setting of sleeve using the EasyReg function. Automatic loading of jobs with a barcode scanner and automatic plate ID verification thanks to the split conveyor belt.

The FAMM 3.0 features optional Robotic sleeve loading/unloading (RoboSLEEVE), robotic plate loading (RoboPLATE) and robotic tape application (RoboTAPE). A robotic pre-press workflow maximizes the efficiency in the pre-press department and the overall print quality. In addition, it eliminates press downtime due to mounting or taping mistakes. There is no operator interaction and stain injuries are eliminated.

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Product category: Automation solutions

Automatic SAMM 2.0

The Automatic SAMM 2.0 is AV Flexologic’s solution to common industry trends. With 600+ automatic mounters installed all over the world in the last 15 years, the Automatic SAMM is the world’s most reliable mounter that guarantees unmatched accuracy, repeatability, and speed.

With the SAMM 2.0, the operator only needs to preposition the plate and the machine takes over and does the rest. The positioning of the plates is performed automatically using the patented Image Recognition and the robotic vacuum table. When the mounting marks are positioned within the set tolerance, the machine gives the ‘OK’ signs and continues to mount. The SAMM 2.0 is equipped with an automatic pressure roller which ensures even mounting without any air inclusions.

After mounting each plate, the machine performs and Quality check of the mounting accuracy and then proceeds to the next plate. When the mounting process is completed, the machine generates a Quality Report on the fly, which contains the measurements of the quality check and snapshots of the mounting marks. That way, there is full control over the mounting process and high-quality printing is guaranteed.

The biggest advantage of automatic mounting is that during the mounting process, the operator is free to perform other tasks, such as demounting plates, applying tape onto the next sleeve etc. Additionally, press downtime due to mounting mistakes is eliminated and there is room for increasing capacity.

The typical business case of the SAMM 2.0 indicates an ROI in 12 months when in some cases it is even less than that. Contact AV Flexologic for calculating your ROI based on your capacity and workflow.

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Product category: Automation solutions, Mounting and registering systems

Semi-Automatic MOM DD+ Pro

The MOM DD+ Pro is our semi-automatic mounting machine, which has advanced features for an easy and accurate plate mounting. Key options are available such as image recognition, vacuum table, a tape holder, automatic W&H Easyreg detection, and a digital TIR measuring system, which can also map the full surface of the sleeve.

The operator selects the plate from the job menu and the motorized cameras move automatically to the mounting position. The operator positions the plate manually with the help of laser pointers. After positioning, the operator selects to move the cylinder up vertically, lowers the pressure roller and rotates the cylinder using the foot pedal. After mounting, the operator can select to check the position of the mounting marks. The machine automatically takes a snapshot and generates a PDF report on the fly.

The machine provides benefits to an operator in multiple ways. Through motorization, the flexo plate mounting process requires a lot less operator interference. The added advantage of the MOMDD+ Pro is the vertically moving cylinder, which means that there is no need to focus the cameras when mounting plates onto sleeves with different repeats.

The MOM DD+ Pro can be optionally advanced with Image Recognition Assistance. The patented Image Recognition system constantly measures the positions of the mounting marks and when the operator places the plate within the set tolerance, the machine gives the “OK” signs. After mounting, the machine checks the mounting marks and their mounting accuracy, creating a PDF Quality Report that can be sent to the customer as a proof of high quality mounting.

Option to the MOM DD+ Pro and the SAMM 2.0 is the tape holder for an easy tape application. In addition, the Cutting knife can be added to the mounting machine on the camera beam to assist in the tape application. The cutting knife has a rotary ceramic blade which cuts in an angle, and as a result it doesn’t damage the sleeve and provides prefect tape alignment.

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Product category: Mounting and registering systems, Automation solutions

RoboCELL – Robotic Pre-press workflow

The RoboCELL is AV Flexologic’s latest patent innovation. Using cutting-edge technology, AV Flexologic provides robotic solutions for maximizing efficiency in the pre-press department. The RoboCELL consists of the RoboPLATE (Robotic plate loader), the RoboSLEEVE (Robotic sleeve handling), and the RoboTAPE (Robotic tape applicator). Each component can be installed separately as an option to the Fully Automatic FAMM 3.0.

1)      The RoboPLATE is an option to the FAMM 3.0 and includes a trolley with 50 plate capacity and a pick-up unit that transfers the plates to the conveyor belt of the FAMM 3.0. With the RoboPLATE, a job can be mounted without any operator interaction.


2)      The RoboSLEEVE is a robotic sleeve handling system that loads/unloads sleeves to the mounting machine. The RoboSLEEVE eliminates sleeve damage and operator injuries from heavy sleeves. The RoboSLEEVE is an option for every mounting machine. In combination with the RoboTAPE, the robot not only handles the sleeves, but also applies tape onto them.


3)      The RoboTAPE is AV Flexologic’s ground-breaking patented solution for applying tape onto sleeves fully automatically. After 8 years of development, the cutting-edge technology of the RoboTAPE is a revolutionary solution for optimizing the prepress workflow and eliminate bottlenecks related to taping mistakes.


The spiral taping eliminates any tape waste while the speed of taping is remarkable. The RoboTAPE consists of a Robot that is equipped with a tape roller and a pressure roller. The robot is surrounded by a safety fence to protect the operator. An HMI console is placed outside the cell for creating/importing and selecting the jobs. XML files can be easily imported into the system while the manual job entry is very easy


Robotic pre-press workflow advantages:


·         Robotic sleeve handling eliminates sleeve damage from dropping sleeves

·         No more air bubbles and overlaps

·         Eliminate sleeve damage and cutting

·         Eliminate operator related press downtime

·         Eliminate tape waste due to spiral taping

·         The mounting and taping process is completed in 1/3 of the traditional process time because they happen simultaneously

·         Eliminate operator injuries

·         Triple output capacity and fast response to quick and short job runs

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Product category: Automation solutions, Mounting and registering systems


The Flatmount is a premier flat flexo plate mounting machine for mounting on mylars. Mounting with the Flatmount is very fast and maximizes efficiency while the related costs are decreasing. Flat mounting is the upcoming trend in the corrugated postprint industry and the Flatmount is offering unique patented options for a quick and accurate flat mounting.

The operator places the mylar onto the large table and can lock the mylar with the optional vacuum system. After selecting the job, the cameras move automatically to the position of the registered mounting marks. The cameras are easily controlled by encoders and all the commands can be given by the keypad. The operator positions the flexo plate manually or with the help of the optional Image Recognition system, which will give the indication when the plate is positioned within the selected tolerance by showing the “OK” signs. Following, the operator removes the double-sided tape and the plate sticks on the mylar. After, the operator can apply pressure on the plate with the optional pressure roller, which eliminates any air inclusions. Otherwise, the operator should use a roller to apply pressure and complete the mounting process.

The Flatmount features an optional vacuum table and clamping system for efficiently locking the mylar without air inclusions.

There are many ways to create a job in the Flatmount. The operator can fill in the information of the job manually in the system which will store them. Another way is loading the jobs automatically using the coordinates from the Hybrid/ESKO software. Last but not least, the optional PDF Import which allows to build the job directly from the graphic, by clicking on the targets.


Patented Innovations for the corrugated postprint industry:

1)      Inkjet – Digital Printing Technology

The Inkjet print head is AV Flexologic’s latest innovation in the corrugated post-print industry. The revolutionary inkjet technology is used to apply individual print job information directly on to the mylar before mounting plates.

This feature allows an easier, faster and more accurate mounting. The inkjet uses a PDF file with the design that will be printed on the mylar. Some print option examples are:

• Labels

• Box outline

• Mounting marks

• Plate information


·         Provides individual print job information directly onto the mylar before mounting

·         Saves time and removes the need for labelling

·         Reduces human interaction and mistakes

·         Improves standardization and eliminates duplication of information

·         Square check: Checking whether the mylar is straight (optional)


2)      VPP – Virtual Printing Proof

The VPP is the new option available for the Flatmount. The VPP provides a virtual proof of the mounted plates by scanning each plate after mounting. The extra camera (42,8 megapixels) provides a digital visualization of the image of the mounted plate, which can be exported as a PDF to send to the customer.


·         Provides digital proof of the mounting

·         No need for manual inking of plates

·         Prevents mistakes before sending plates to the press

·         Better control over the printing process

·         The PDF is stored for later use

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Product category: Sleeves

Tech Sleeve


The Tech Sleeve is our most durable flexo sleeve solution. Built with military-grade materials like Dyneema and fibreglass infused with vinyl ester resins creates a truly long-lasting sleeve. We also have options to make the sleeve even more durable

Rubber sealed edges to mitigate edge damage,
Inner metal rings for slot protection,
RFID for smart tracking and monitoring.
Tech Sleeve flexo printing sleeve

1. Smart Sleeve (RFID)
RFID embedded sleeve which allows for reading and writing for the purpose of identification. Works with new and our existing systems.

2. Rubber sealed edge
Prevents sleeve edge damage and damage to the positioning pins in the press and mounting machines.

3. Full metal inner ring
Durable registration slot solution that incorporates the registration slot in an inner metal ring which reduces wear of registration slot.

4. Metal cutting line
Prevents cutting damages to the sleeves surface layer by placing a 1,0mm thick metal strip on the surface.

5. Conductivity
Tech Sleeves offers sleeves and bridges with a certification of compliance in accordance with ATEX and NEC HAZLOC.

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Product category: Mounting and registering systems, Sleeves, Automation solutions

Sleeve Storage System

The customized Sleeve Storage system allows easy access, storage and retrieval of sleeves with an optional Semi-automatic feature. The Semi-Automatic feature entails that the horizontal movement of the racks is motorized by use of electric motors. This feature allows the user to input a repeat number or job on a touchscreen interface, through which the racks automatically “open” to the specific rack where the sleeves are stored.

Advantages of Semi-automatic Sleeve Storage

·         Easy and fast retrieval of sleeves

·          No manual labor required to move sleeve racks

·          Possibility to connect to ERP system for further automation

·          Automatic security system

·          Fully customized project

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Product category: Sleeves

TIR- Sleeve measurement system

The TIR measurement system is the winner of the International print & innovation award 2015. It analyses the quality of the printing sleeve or cylinder by measuring the ‘3D landscape’ of the surface.

This information gives a thorough insight on the condition of the printing sleeve or the cylinder. With that, the TIR builds up a record of the exact condition of each printing sleeve or cylinder in stock. Subsequently the printing sleeves can be placed in the press with the right pre-settings.

 The ability to check the exact condition of each sleeve is essential for high-speed production with minimum pressure settings on the press. Worn out or damaged sleeves are easily detected, which prevents bad quality sleeve related downtime in the printing presses. It also helps to create an inventory of sleeves that are fit for use.



·         Reduction in press downtime due to worn out printing sleeves which end up in the flexographic printing press

·         Quick and easy usage

·         Rigid steel construction

·         Prevent press downtime

·         Identify out-of-spec. sleeves

·         Allows better control over the printing process

·         Stores the measurement report

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Product category: Mounting and registering systems, Automation solutions, Sleeves

Tech Sleeves

Tech Sleeves® is a sister company of AV Flexologic and manufactures fully customizable composite printing sleeves and bridges (adapters) for the global flexographic industry. By using the highest quality of materials, durability, consistency and dimensional stability is guaranteed.

Tech Sleeves offers top-of-the-range quality sleeves with unique options such as:

1)      Rubber-sealed edges with metal reinforce slot

Increases the lifetime of a sleeve by making the end of the sleeve resistant to impact. The rubber material reduces bouncing and makes the sleeve even more durable. Prevents damages to the positioning pins in the press and mounting machines without weakening the registration slots. It also protects the core of the sleeve from ink infusions.


2)      Full metal inner ring

Most durable registration slot solution by incorporating the registration slot in an inner ring. Ensures constant sleeve positioning by offering a wear resistant registration slot. Prevents damage and ensures the longevity of the sleeve.


3)      Metal cutting line

Allows the prevention of cutting damages to the sleeves surface layer by placing a 1,0mm thick metal strip at the surface. Possibility to place under any angle respective to the registration slot.


4)      Conductivity

Tech Sleeves offers sleeves and bridges with a certification of compliance in accordance with ATEX and NEC HAZLOC for conductive equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres.


5)      Smart Sleeve (RFID)

RFID embedded sleeve which allows for reading and writing for the purpose of identification. Works with new and our existing systems.


Tech Sleeves scientific researched build-up formula creates leading durable printing sleeves that last longer, they are lighter in weight and are more resilient to bouncing.

At Tech Sleeves, the health and safety of outside operators using our products has always been of the upmost importance. This health and safety focus, combined with our vision to create a more efficient workflow for our users has resulted in the release of our latest cutting edge product, the Tech Light Pro.

The Tech Light Pro range of sleeves and bridges uses our scientifically researched lightweight technology combined with our patented hardened UV cured Vinyl Ester Resin outer layer. This combination is ready to revolutionize the flexographic industry creating the lightest, stiffest and most stable sleeve on the market with weight savings of over 40%.





The Tech Sleeves Light Pro products are consisted of:

1)      Base layer

Expandable and extremely durable base layer (1mm) that contains Dyneema that offers maximum strength with minimum weight

2)      Compressible layer

High rebound resilience and 50% compressible without bulging

3)      Tech Core Light layer

Scientifically researched lightweight core material designed to limit bounce and maximize performance

4)      Patented hardened UV cured Vinyl Ester Resin

The UV cured Derakane Vinyl Ester Resin improves toughness and has excellent chemical and corrosion resistance





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Product category: Mounting and registering systems

Toyobo Water Washable Flexo Plates

AV Flexologic's sister company, AllFlexo is Toyobo’s official distributor for flexo printing products in Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Romania, and Denmark. Toyobo has always been at the forefront of the flexo plate-making industry. As a pioneer, it was the first company in the world that launched the water washable printing plates, Cosmolight. Toyobo has worked to adapt to the changing times over the course of its history of more than 130 years and has continued to develop knowing of its corporate social responsibilities.

Building on many years of experience, water washable flexo printing plate Cosmolight® QZ is their latest development. Water washable flexo printing plate Cosmolight® has been developed for the label and wide-web flexo printers which demand the highest possible quality. Being able to outperform high-end solvent plates on print quality and durability, while at the same time reducing processing times, required equipment, and operating cost.

Advantages Cosmolight® QZ Water Washable Printing Plates
  • Flat top dot
  • Unmatched ink transfer
  • Small dot gain providing (near) 1:1 reproduction
  • Very stable small halftones even during long-run printing
  • Non-tacky
  • Long-lasting

Main applications Cosmolight® QZ Water Washable Printing Plates
  • Paper board printing
  • Flexible packaging
  • Label Printing
  • Barcodes
  • Shrink sleeves

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Our trade marks

Tech Sleeves

Company news



16 Apr 2021

AV Flexologic launches automated pre-press solution

AV Flexologic, following eight years of joint development alongside Bryce Corporation, has launched RoboCELL, which it is calling ‘a game-changer in the prepress department.’ Initially set to be unveiled at Drupa 2020, RoboCELL is a robotic solution for handling, taping, plate loading, and mounting sleeves fully automatically. The developers say that the entire taping and mounting process for a 10-colour job can now be completed in less than 25 minutes. The automated solution reportedly eliminates any tape waste and leads to a consistent tape application without any air bubbles. In addition, any waste during the pre-press workflow is also eliminated. The different components of RoboCELL can be installed independently or as stand-alone units. Bryce Corporation will be the first company to take advantage of the new solution, which will be installed at its Tennessee premises this year.

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About us

Company portrait

With 50 years of experience in the flexographic industry, AV Flexologic is the global leader in mounting and pre-press equipment by providing innovative cutting-edge solutions for optimizing the pre-press workflow and eliminating bottlenecks.

AV Flexologic is part of the Color Control Group, a privately owned group of companies in the Netherlands, owned by the Otten family. Piet and Martijn, father and son, run their business with high attention to detail and care for every customer.

Our MISSION is to be the best in technology and customer experience and our VISION is to continuously innovate by creating cutting-edge technology.

AV Flexologic’s coverage has no limitations. AV Flexologic provides worldwide flexo solutions and has a wide-range service & support network.

Our trademark, Tech Sleeves® is a sister company of AV Flexologic and a global manufacturer of flexo printing sleeves and bridges. By combining experience with innovation, Tech Sleeves® provides customized flexo sleeve solutions for high-quality printing.

Company data

Number of employees 100-499
Foundation 1969